Mere Sai 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Worries About His People

Mere Sai 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The saint goes out of Sultan’s house. Hari Bhao’s employees go to Sultan and tell that Hari Bhao fired them. They ask him to talk to Hari Bhao or hire them. Sultan goes to talk to Sai. Man tells Sai that the other man lowered the price so that he can sell more fruits, and says someone said this. He says then I have also lowered the price. First man says he is lying, first he dropped the price and then I have dropped the price. Sai laughs. Sultan sees Hari Bhao getting puja done in his house so that nobody can trouble him. He says now your Shuddhi karan is done and asks him to sprinkle gangajal in the farm and house, and asks him to keep employees of his religion. Sultan hears him and thinks he has fired my religion people. Sai laughs and says you both are stuck in someone’s conspiracy. He says third person came to you and told about the first man lowering the price, and then you also lowered the price being angry. He says you would have talked and clarified to him.

Hari Bhao tells his wife that he will do business with his people only. He says he has fired people of Sultan’s religion. Sultan tells Osman about Hari Bhao spoiling his seeds and now firing employees of his religion. He says I have decided to buy the seeds and win the competition.

Sai tells that third person’s lie have broken trust between you both. He says any third person can succeed only when you let him. He says who got advantage in this? He says third person was benefitted as he got fruits at cheap rates. He asks them to understand and patch up with each other. Both of them apologize and hug each other. Sai smiles. Om Sai plays……Sai asks can anyone know each other fully. No. he says when we can’t understand self then why gave us right to make an opinion about others. He says one shall communicate and clear the misunderstanding with other.
Sai sees Rehana thanking Sulbha and Bhama and paying their money to them. She sees Sai and says I will bring bhiksha for you. She gives him rice. Sai says I came to get charity, but seeing you supportive of each other, I want to thank you all. He says because of you, you made Sulbha independent. He says Bhama never thought herself alone even after Madhav is thrown out of school. He says when everyone is supportive then nobody can be alone. He says this is my Shirdi and asks them not to hesitant to talk. Rehana says you have taught us this and says we trust you and values devotion and patience. Sai says Allah Malik.

Sultan and Hari Bhao come infront of each other and go angrily. Everyone get shocked to know about Sultan and Hari firing each other religion workers. They get angry. Bheeva says this will not work. Both muslim and hindu community head ask their members to live life separated from each other. Sultan thinks I will never drink water from Hindus home. Sai is coloring the plant place and sees the color pots breaking up. He gets shocked and upset.

Hindu and Muslim woman fight with each other. Sai asks them not to fight. Villager asks Sai about his religion.

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