Mere Sai 15th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Is education a boon or a curse?

Mere Sai 15th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

A guy (Tukaram) tells Sai he has come to seek his blessings for the new generation. Sai explains that the better the karmas, the better you will be. Tukaram says I follow the path shown by you yet I want you to come with me and bless us. Sai agrees to visit in the evening. Srikanth comes there with Manas. Sai asks him why they are not in school right now. Srikanth says he does not like to come to school. He does not enjoy studying at all. His parents and I tried to explain it to him but he isn’t ready to listen. I brought him here as the kids of Shirdi always listen to you. Sai asks Manas why he avoids studies. Manas replies that he does not enjoy it at all. Even my parents did not go to school. They are still happy. So many people of the village have not gone to school. Why study when one can be happy without it? Srikanth asks Sai what he should tell Manas now. Sai says some things aren’t taught. They are learnt. He turns to Tukaram. You said you are going to bring a diamond and work on it later. Can you do it here? Tukaram agrees. He shows the diamond to Sai who shows it to Manas. Manas says this looks like an ordinary stone. Diamonds shine brightly. Sai tells Tukaram to carve it.

A girl (Radhika) is praying to Sai. I never thought or wanted to give pain to my parents. I only wanted to make them proud but I only see them in pain. I wonder till when I will continue to be the cause of their problems. Please do something now. Her mother calls out to her. She tells Radhika to get ready asap. She tells Radhika not to worry. Radhika is hesitant about something but her mother is positive that things will be fruitful this time. I have made ladoos too. Don’t speak too much in front of the groom’s family. Your Tau ji is here too. Don’t make any mistake. Radhika feels bad for her. You have to worry so much about me and so many other things at once. Her mother says you will understand the concern of parents when you will become a mother. Get ready now. Radhika hugs her. You don’t look good when you worry. Be happy. Everything will be fine. Her mother (Devki) puts a kala teeka behind her ear. Radhika looks at Sai’s photo. Please end this ritual today.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai. Tukaram has carved the diamond. It is shining brightly now. Manas smiles. This looks like a diamond now. Sai says that’s what knowledge does too. It enhances the beauty of a human being. A person becomes better when he gains knowledge. Your parents are happy but they know that they wouldn’t have to face a lot many problems if they were educated. They want to change that by sending you to school. Now you have to decide which diamond you want to be. Manas chooses the latter. He apologizes to Srikanth. I will come to class every day, wont trouble you and will study diligently. Srikanth smiles. It is everyone’s right as well as their necessity. It hasn’t harmed anyone till date. Manas nods and thanks Sai.

Groom’s family like Radhika. Devki gives ladoo to everyone. Groom’s mother calls Radhika lucky. Our son has passed metric. Plus, he is in a Government job. There are many families in queue but we liked your Radhika. Neelkanth agrees. We all are really lucky. Let’s fix a date first. Groom’s father says let’s discuss some things soon and then we can fix a date as well. Groom’s mother likes the house. She notices the books and goes quiet. Who studies so much here? Everyone goes quiet. Neelkanth says it belongs to our daughter Radhika. Groom’s mother’s finds it odd but her husband says it is good. She can manage household expenses. Neelkanth says she is very good in that. She topped the metric exams in Bombay. Groom’s family is taken aback. They start whispering amongst each other. Groom’s father calls off the alliance. Neelkanth says you wanted an educated DIL. Groom’s father says she should be educated but not overtly educated. This can cause rift in the house. We don’t want a DIL like that! Devki says she is educated but she knows how to keep a house together. Groom’s mother speaks rudely. They begin to go when Neelkanth asks them since when is it wrong to study. You should be proud of this. One cannot find an educated girl like her these days. Groom’s family leaves. Radhika and Devki are in tears.

Sai is watching everything. A couple comes to meet Sai to seek help from Sai. They are looking for a girl for their son. It’s been months but we are not able to fix his marriage. He will be transferred to Aurangabad soon. We want it to be fixed before that happens so it will be easy to shift. Please do something because of which this alliance can be fixed. Please do something. You can make things happen after all.

Radhika keeps her books aside. Devotion to Ma Saraswati is of highest importance then why does this society thinks it to be a curse. Neelkanth comforts her. You trust Sai right? He will show you a way. Don’t complain to him. Thank him for saving you from going to a family who thinks so low. Devki tells her to have faith as well. Your Baba is right. Now Sai will show a way. You will find a good husband and a good house soon. Radhika says I don’t care about myself. I don’t want you two to go through this pain again.

Sai says relations are fixed by Ram ji already. We can only be the medium of bringing two people close. The lady asks Sai if the alliance wont be fixed tomorrow as well. Sai says it will be fixed if Ram ji wants it to happen. The guy questions him but Sai says everything happens as per his wish. He sometimes gives us things without even asking for it while at other times; he makes us work hard to find a good life partner. One can only focus on their karmas. Ram ji decides its outcomes. May everyone reach their destination soon.

Precap: A guy has brought jaggery and chana for Sai. I have been giving it to you every day when I was in Shirdi but I moved out of Shirdi 5 years ago. I have collected it for you over these years. Sai asks him to give him some in his bowl.

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