Mere Sai 14th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Will Rishabh have a change of heart?

Mere Sai 14th March 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Few years ago:
Sudha is on stag with her crutch. She is wearing ghungroo on her left leg. Ragini takes the crutch from her after her signal. Sai sits next to the plant.

Sudha starts her dance. Sai wears ghungroo on His right leg and starts tapping His feet. Sudha ignores her pain and starts dancing slowly in rhythm. Sai removes the cloth from the plant and smiles. Sudha realizes that her right leg is fine and dances happily. Vasudev smiles. Everyone else is enjoying it as well. Sudha’s cousin murmurs that she is dancing beautifully. Sudha smiles broadly as she ends the dance. She becomes tensed as the villagers do not react for a few seconds. They all start clapping suddenly. Sudha is touched. She smiles at Sai. Her cousin brother hugs her. The man says Sudha has proved the strength of art today. Vasudev is really lucky. This girl will bring fame and wealth to your family. We will sponsor her tutoring. We have decided to give her a gold trophy and Rs. 500 cash. He puts the medal around her neck and gives her the money. Vasudev hugs Sudha. His brother looks on. Sai tells Kashiba that the art that he thought was going to bring you bad name has actually made you proud. Will you still ignore her talent because of your orthodox thoughts? Kashiba folds his hands. It isn’t you but my mind that’s crippled. I disrespected your art and you. Even I was amazed to see your dance today. It felt as if there is some divine energy in you. He apologizes to Vasudev. Vasudev says I have no complaints. Uma says I should have respected your talent as a woman. Your talent has awakened the woman in me! Sudha gives her medal and money to you. He is taken aback. She tells him to keep it as he is the leader of their house. This should be in your hands only. Vasudev seconds her. Kashiba hugs Sudha.

Sudha looks at her leg. She asks Sai how she could recover. This was your miracle, right? Sai denies. This was from your heart. This was from the wish to not give up on your dream! He chants the same shloka again which she completes. Everyone folds hands.

Das Ganu and villagers say Sai Baba ki Jai. Rishabh looks on. Sakharam and Kaushik see the change on his face as they sing the bhajan. Anshuman can notice the change on his brother’s face as well.

Sai is making something in Dwarkamai and smiles.

Everyone folds hands as the bhajan ends. Villagers leave. Rishabh gets up. Sakharam, Kaushik and Ganu look on expectantly but Rishabh leans on the wall for support. Sakharam becomes concerned. Rishabh says words can heal the heart but not the disease.

Sai looks at the dhuni. He picks up some coal pieces in a bowl.

Sakharam asks Rishabh to open the door. Ganu tells him to let it be. Don’t worry about him as he is in Sai’s hand now. Sakharam nods.

Rishabh takes medicine and lies down. He opens his eyes and is shocked to see Sai standing next to his bed. Who are you? Are you Sai? He looks at the closed door. How did you come inside? Sai puts the medicine in the coal. He asks Sai what He is doing. Sai says what’s the point of keeping something which you don’t need. Rishabh insists that he is ill. I am ill since I met with an accident. Sai says Sudha met with an accident too. You heard her story. Do you still need them after hearing her story? Rishabh asks Him if He thinks that he likes living like this. I did have my own dreams! I wanted to expand Baba’s business everywhere but my legs give up soon now. Sai corrects him. It is your heart, your courage that has given up. Try and tell yourself once that you can walk or run. Situation will change if you will think differently. You must try. Rishabh says I did try a lot. Flashback shows Vaid ji trying to help Rishabh exercise. He helps Rishabh stand and walk but it is too painful for Rishabh. He screams in pain as he takes each step. Flashback ends. Rishabh says I felt as if I would die with every step. It used to hit really hard. Sai says you dint realize when that pain became fear. Try to get over your fear and try once again. I am not saying that it wont hurt. It is natural but that’s what tests us. Who is bigger than whom – is it the pain or us?

Rukmani prays to God for her husband’s case. Don’t know what will happen in court. Rama Krishna Hari. Prahalad asks her what she is doing here till now. She says I was talking to God. He asks her why she is crying. She replies that she was feeling restless. He shares that he meets Sai whenever he feels that way. My fear goes away in no time.

Rishabh tells Sai it is easier for Him to say. I took my medicine before you came which is why I am able to stand in front of you. Sai asks him if it is the same medicine that Vaid ji has given to him. Rishabh nods. I am taking it since years after all. Sai tells him to check again. Rishabh checks the medicine but it turns out to be churan. Where’s my medicine? Sai shows the bottle to him. How could churan show this effect?

Precap: Ganu says Sai says that the person who does his duties well gets rewarded positively for sure.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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