Mere Sai 14th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Eknath and Nirmala Shattering Seeing Truth

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Mere Sai 14th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Usha sends Anand to school and thinks why aayi/Nirmala sleeping till now. Eknath wakes up Nirmala and finds her having high fever, calls Shantaram and informing about Nirmala’s condition asks him to bring udhi/holy ash from Sai. Shantaram goes to Sai and asks udi for Nirmala as she is having high fever. Sai asks him to reach home soon, else Nirmala’s condition may worsen. He rushes towards home when Usha carrying water buckets sees him and asks to carry one bucket. He picks one and walks with her when he sees money lender/sait and asks where is he going in a hurry. Sait says tonight he is going out of Shirdi for a week. Shataram gets tensed thinking how will he get loan. Sait says if he comes within 30 minutes, he can get loan. Shantar agrees and follows sait thinking aayi just having fever and can wait. Eknath eagerly waits for Shantaram and thinks why he is taking so much time. Nirmala gets unconscious calling Sai. Eknath worriedly checks her eyes and seeing Sai in her eyes seeks Sai’s help. Sai emerges and informs that Shantaram left Dwarkamayi long ago. Eknath gets angry hearing that and requests Sai to cure her somehow, else he cannot stay without her. Sai asks him not to worry and asks if any tense situation happened at home recently. Eknath nods yes. Sai gives him udhi and asks to mix it in water and bring it. Eknath goes out of room. Sai touches Nirmala’s forehead and cures her. Eknath brings udhi. She drinks it. Sai asks how is she feeling now. She says 1000 times better. Sai says it was fever due to tension and reason. Nirmala explains him whole ordeal and says she does not know if she should take her husband or son’s side. Sai says she does not have to take anyone’s side and should keep calm.

Shantaram takes loan from sait Gangaram. Sait says he is giving him 150 rs loan on 3% interest and he should pay interest on time till he repays principal. Shataram agrees. Sait thinks Shantaram is really a kid who can be fooled easily, he has not seen anyone who has repaid loan easily till now. Shantaram tells Usha if his business works well, he will repay loan in months, will build a big house with a separate room for them, servant to help her with household chores, lots of beautiful saris for her, etc. They reach near home. Usha asks Shantaram to hide loan documents, else baba will create problem. They both enter house and Shantaram asks Usha to mix udhi in water for aayi. Eknath asks him where was he. He says he was in Dwarkamayi and waited till Sai returned. Eknath angrily tongue lashes him that he is telling lie, finds loan documents in his hands and scolds him for risking his aayi’s life, his aayi trusted him so much, etc. He asks Nirmala if this is the son she trusted most and considered her as old age support. Shantaram shouts back at Eknath that he did not do any sin thinking of scaling up his business to run his family, he did not know aayi was so ill, baba is troubling and interfering in their lives since he returned home, they are tired now and cannot tolerate him anymore, etc. Nirmala cries loudly hearing that. Eknath consoles her and thanking Shantaram for his kind behavior says it is better they take care of themselves and don’t talk. Shantaram angrily says as he wishes.

A muslim disciple helps Sai carry something till Dwarkamayi. Sai thanks him and asks to go via water well route. A tired vegetable vendor walks on street carrying vegetable basket on his head and not noticing customers calling him. He rests his basket near water well to drink some water but slips and falls. Muslim disciple sees him crying and asks reason. Vegetable vendor says he is in deep trouble and curses his faith. Muslim disciple suggests him to meet Sai who has solution for all problems. He takes vendor to Sai who explains his problem that he lost his parents in childhood and was bought up by his uncle and aunt, he thought of helping his uncle and started selling vegetables, but nobody buys his vegetable; he has ill fate and is troublesome to his dear ones. Sai says there is nothing wrong in his fate. Vendor does not believe. Sai spreads aromatic smoke which vendor likes and smilingly says it is a very pleasant smell. Sai says he smiled after a long time and his behavior will decide his fate; if he sells vegetables with smiling and humble nature, everyone would buy his vegetables. Man asks if he will not give any taweez. Sai says no, he should do as he follows and if he fails, then they will think of taweez and other stuffs.

Precap: Shantaram alleges Eknath that he took back his gifted money. Eknath says since he came back home, he is seeing Shantaram’s drama, it is better they live separately. Shantaram kicks Eknath and Nirmala out of house.

Update Credit to: MA

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