Mere Sai 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Tapi and Renuka’s Rude Behavior Towards Sai

Mere Sai 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tapi thanks Sai for giving him wealth in gift. Sai asks her not to thank her and instead help poor and use wealth for good, that way they will thank god who game them everything. Tapi grabs wealth pot and says she will not give her wealth to anyone. Sudama tells Tapi that she cannot disobey Sai as he gave her this wealth, she got it with her faith, else Sai himself is a beggar who begs food. Baizaa warns to mind her tongue, she does not know who Sai is. Vinayak asks Tapi to apologize Sai. Tapi tells Sai that old generation don’t understand practicality and try to depress youngsters, she is working hard since she is married and even in Shirdi at her relative’s house, she is working, now she wants to enjoy wealth and live a lavish life. She tells Vinayak that she will hire maids for

work and walks in with him. Renuka asks Sai when will she get what she wanted. Sai asks her to have patience in sanskrit. Dattatrey explains her meaing. She yells that she will not stay among irritating people and walks away with Dattatrey. Sudama tells Sai that he was right to wait and watch, his family has not changed a bit and is still greedy and arrogant. Baizaa and her family stand shocked seeing their changed behavior.

Next morning, Tapi interviews ladies for maid’s job. She selects a lady and says she has to do all household chores, but will serve only elders of family and not younger ones/Renuka and Dattatrey. Lady says she will serve everyone with same salary. Tapi yells and send her out. She continues interviewing and rejecting each one. Anta and Panta pass by and stop seeing that, they stop a lady and ask reason. Lady informs Appa’s family is hiring maid who can stay in their house for 24 hours and paying well. They both are surprised and inform Kulkarni. Kulkarni says Appa is well to do man, but not so rich to hire maids, they should go and find out. They disguise as women and joining interview que tell Tapi that they are bestfriends and will work together for single salary. She asks their names. Anta says Anchuyi and Pankhudi. Tapi excitedly tells Vinayak that they are getting 2 maids for single salary. Panta says they look like poor, then why are they hiring maids, if they are capable of paying salary. Tapi angrily shouts she got wealth pot from jungle and is very wealthy now and shouts at them to get out. They stand shocked and rush to inform Kulkarni.

Sai returns to Dwarkamayi. Rohini’s villager greets him and introducing himself says Rohini sent him a letter. Jhipri says she read letter already thrice waiting for him and reads that she is happy with her family now and is busy reading religious scriptures and playing with her grandchildren, she even does zari work and tried to give her earned money to her sons, but they rejected it, so she is saving money for her grandchildren. She continues that she misses all children there and has sent a joke for Pari. Everyone laugh hearing joke. She further writes that she is sending zari work bag for him. Jhipri says Sai will not use that band, so if she can keep it. Sai says no and takes bag. Jhipri thinks why Sai did not give her bang.

Precap: Kulkarni travels in open palanquin with his team when gold coinns falls from his pocket. Sai notices that.

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