Mere Sai 14th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Attachment To His Guru’s Gifted Brick

Mere Sai 14th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai cries seeing a leprosy stricken man. Guruji asks if he is pity on this man seeing his condition or he is poor. Sai says who is he to pity on someone, all creatures on this earth are made by god and they are all children of god, nothing made by god in this universe can be ugly or bad, so who are we to distinguish others or test them, they only can share each other’s problems, and the morale is they all are one. Guruji asks ill man to give his hand. Other students holding their nose asks Guruji how can he touch this man. Man says Guruji that the disease may be contagious and even he will get ill. Guruji says this boy explained whole knowledge and there is nothing left to explain, holds his hand and takes him in. Sai applies medicine on man’s wounds. Mans injuries clear instantly and he is amazed and emotional to see himself cured. He tells Sai that he is younger than him, but understood his pain. He further tells Guruji that he will be thankful to him and this boy Sai and leaves. Guruji praises Sai for answering his question. Fellow student says he didn’t utter a word. Guruji says Sai gave answer with his deed; we are attached to our relatives and concern for them is obvious, but concern for others is the biggest nature of humanity. He continues explaining that the knowledge he gave them via books is proved by Sai via his deeds, so only he understood all the knowledge he gave to them all. Sai touches Guruji’s feet and takes his blessings. Guruji says the prophecy was regarding Sai, he stayed here for years and proved himself each time, he will spread knowledge far away for sure.

Disciples ask Sai what happened next. Sai goes into flashback where his Guruji meditates with him and gives him all the knowledge he possessed. On the final day, Guruji tells Sai that he gave him alll the knowledge he had and today is his last day with him. He asks Sai to extend his hand and keeps his hand on Sai’s hand. Sai gains more eternal knowledge with trees, earth, birds, and whole environment glowing around them. Back to ashram, Guruji says he transferred all the knowledge he had and now he should spread this knowledge among people, asks what will he teach people now. Sai smilingly says faith and patience. Out of flashback, Sai tells his disciples that his Guru taught him everything and gave him knowledge. He takes out brick from his bag and says he gave even this brick. Lakshmi asks why did Guruji give brick. Sai says he will tell that story next time, but this brick is the only thing in the world he is attached to. Lakshmi says Sai changed topic easily again. Raghunath thinks the way this beggar is protecting this brick, something is hidden in it and he has to steal it. Sai smiles hearing that.

Precap: Sai tells disciples that he is going out for some work and will leave his bag here. Raghunath thinks fate is in his favor and he will steal brick tonight.

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