Mere Sai 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Keshav Alleges Tatya Wrongly To Escape Kulkarn’s Wrath

Mere Sai 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai with Abdul and Ranoji passes by a well and stops seeing old couple carrying water pots. Ranoji says he will help them fill water and drop them till their home, thinks he will win and make Abdul leave Shirdi. He fill water in pots and says he will carry them till old couple’s house and says Sai he will show Sai howmuch weight he can bear. He walks lifting pots with old couple. Abdul asks old couple to sit on cart and pulls it. Ranoji gets jealous.

Appa with Tatya waits outside Kulkarni’s house to meet him. Kulkarni meets his debtor and warns him to pay his interest soon, else he will sell his crops and collect interest. Kulkarni sends his way and asks Anta to call Appa and his son Tatya. They both walk in. Kulkarni alleges Appa that his son Tatya made Keshav alcohol. Tatya says he did not. Keshav says Tatya took him to liquor shop. Tatya says he just was helping Keshav and did not take him to liquor shop. Kulkarni shouts to shut up, his son does not lie and asks Anta to call liquor shop owner. Owner enters and gets afraid realizing Keshav is Kulkarni’s son.

Abdul and Ranoji walk speedily. Sai asks them to go slow for his sake. They reach old couple’s home and ask if they don’t have any children to support. They say they have a son who stays in city now. They sacrificed their youth and slept outside house for him so that his studies don’t get disturbed, but once he went to city for work, he did not return and he says he does not have place for them in his house. Sai looks at them silently. Old lady brings laddoos and gives them to Abdul and Ranoji and tells she will feed one to Sai. Sai says as she says and smiles. Woman walks towards Sai with shuffling gait.

Kulkarni asks liquor shop owner if Keshav had come to his shop. Owner says yes. Kulkarni asks if Tatya brought him there. Tatya thinks this man will definitely lie. Owner says yes. Tatya reminisces Sai’s teaching not to get afraid if he is on right path. He looks into owner’s eyes and asks not to lie. Owner sees Sai in Tatya’s eyes and gets afraid..

Precap: Tatya tells Sai that he is worried for Keshav. Sai says he does not have to.

Update Credit to: MA

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