Mere Sai 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Gifts For Tapi and Renuka

Mere Sai 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Sudama that his family is worried about his health, but he should be more careful about his health. Sudama says he did mistake earlier by not following Sai’s advice and was injured by a tiger. Baizaa says mamaji has to listen to her now and have breakfast with whole family as Tapi prepared breakfast in the morning with hard work and without spoiling kitchen. Renuka feels jealous. Whole family enjoys breakfast. Vinayak says Tapi prepared really tasty poha breakfast today. Sudama feels happy seeing his family having breakfast without fighting and hopes this continues from hereon.

Sai senses Sudama’s feelings and says he knows he is thinking that his life’s motto is compete now, but he has to wait for sometime until his children’s truth is out when they select

their gift themselves. Sudama says he did not understand. Sai asks to have patience. After finishing breakfast, Sudama greets Sai and tries to leave. Sai stops them and says along with Renuka and Tapi, Dattatrey and Vinayak also worked hard, so even they will be rewarded. Renuka happily asks if everyone will get reward. Sai says yes and shows them 3 stones. They all angrily think their hard work is gone waste, Sai is joking with them.

Shyam tells Kulkarni that he needs 3000 rs to pay labor and for materials. Kulkarni thinks Shyam just acts as friend and came here just for money. He says he will give 3000 rs, but after cutting his share. Shyam asks what share. Kulkarni says he is paying him before work is done for the sake of their friendship, so he also needs profit. Shyam asks to cut 5% share.

Tapi asks Sai if he will reward them with stones. Sai points at 1st stone and says whoever possesses it will become rich. Tapi and Dattatrey imagine themselves as filthy rich. Sai then points at 2nd stone and says whoever possesses it will be very famous. Renuka and Dattatrey imagine people pleading them for help. They both ask what about 3rd stone. Sai says it will get lots of love in their lives, it is up to them which one they choose. Tapi says they will take wealth stone. Dattatrey tells Renuka they should take wealth stone. Renuka says if they become famous, they will get wealth and love automatically. Sai asks what did they think. Tapi says they need wealth stone. Renuka says one that makes them famous. Sai asks to take them. Sudama and Baizaa watch silently. Sai looks at last stone. Tapi excitedly asks if there will be miracle now and they will get wealth. Vinayak says he thinks they should request wealth from stone. Dattatrey says they will become famous soon. Sai says with stone, they got bigger responsibilities, they should be careful.

At night, Tapi dreams that Renuka is taking wealth pot from jungle and she running behind Tapi. Baizaa walks in hearing her sound and asks what happened. Tapi says there is wealth in jungle and she needs to go there right now. Vinayak reminds what happened to Baba/Sudama in jungle at night. Tapi says she has Sai’s gifted wealth stone and will go to jungle right now. She and her husband walk into jungle afraid. Her husband says he dreamed about becoming king once, did he become, let us go back. Tapi sees wealth pots glowing under ground.

Precap: Tapi says Sudama that she got wealth with her fate, else Sai himself is a beggar, how will he guide her to get wealth.

Update Credit to: MA

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