Mere Sai 12th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Guides Eknath And Dhanraj

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Mere Sai 12th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ananand asks Usha where is Azoba/Eknath. Usha says aaji/Nirmala has gone to bring Azoba. Anand says he himself will go and search Azoba and runs out while Usha tries to stop him. In temple, Nirala pleads Eknath to return home and explains that they are old not and need children’s support. Eknath angrily fumes that she supported her children instead and called him arrogant and stubborn, there is nothing left between them. Sai asks him to calm down, buys milk, offers it to Eknath saying he must be hungry, adds jaggery in it, says he may not digest jaggery in old age, so if he can remove jaggery out of milk. Eknath says it is impossible. Sai says husband and wife’s relationship is also similar and once engrasped in each other, it cannot be broken. He continues explaining that like newly married couple have different nature and hobbies and adjust understanding each other slowly, even he has to do same in this situation and give time to his family to adjust; if someone asks him to wake up and sleep late and have spicy food, he will take time to adjust, it is same situation with his family; his wife is stuck between him and children and need to maintain balance; they both stayed away for years and sacrificed trying to run family and take care of children. Nirmala apologizes him and says she realized her mistake when she saw him hurt emotionally and should have scolded children instead. Eknath calms down and says she need not apologize. Anand comes searching him and finding him in temple runs and hugs him happily. Eknath also gets happy seeing him. Sai offers him to finish milk. Eknath finishes milk and thanks Sai. Sai chants Ramji Bhala Kare and walks out of temple.

A man Dhanraj meets Sai and greeting him says he was searching him since morning and needs his help; Rano suggested him to meet Sai as Sai has solution for all problems. Sai asks what is his problem. Dhanraj says he started a new business a few days ago and is progressing well, but he has lost his peace of mind and cannot even sleep. Sai asks him to catch him first and walks fast. Dhanraj thinks instead of solving his problem, he is running fast, but then thinks Ranoji reminded him that Sai’s ways of solving problems are unique. He runs behind Sai. Sai walks fast. Jhipri sees him and tries to speak, but he continues walking fast ignoring her. He reaches near tree and pours water in pot for birds. Dhanraj catches him and asks if his problem will be solved. Sai says no and explains that he started business competing his neighbor and friend and always wanted to be ahead of his friend, ignoring his family life; while running behind Sai, his fiend, wife, and son called him worried for him, but he did not pay attention to them and just ran. Dhandraj says he did not realize it at all. Sai suggests him to earn for himself and not to prove anyone low, only then can he can live peaceful life and enjoy real success in business.

Ekanth and Usha walk towards home with Anand. Anand insists to have spicy snacks before reaching home. Eknath agrees, gets him Krishna’s dress and bansuri, busy him fritters and snacks. He also gifts sari to Nirmala. At home, when Shantaram returns from work and searches something in cupboard, Usha complains that Baba did not return home yet and even Anand went searching him, she is worried that Anand may fall ill; she doubts Baba is doing this purposefully to vent out his anger and prove his significance. Shantaram also yells that Baba is very arrogant and will always trouble them. Anand returns wearing Krishna’s dress. Usha asks where did he get this dress from. Eknath with Nirmala walks in and says he gifted this dress to Ananand. Usha says Anand is hungry since morning. Eknath says he fed him snacks. Usha fumes thinking he yelled when she prepared spicy food and himself bought spicy food. Eknath gifts her sari. She fumes that she does not wear such a simple sari and asks why did he take so much trouble. Eknath says he had gone to market and bought gifts for all. He gifts choupat game to Shantaram and reminds that Shantaram always insisted to play choupat with him, now he has lots of time to play with Shantaram.

Shantaram’s customer comes calling him. Shantraram walks out and asks why did he come, he would have delivered grocery bags in sometime as his helper has not come today. Usha brings water for customer. Customer brainwashes Shantaram to become a stockist instead of supplier and earn huge profit. Shantaram says he needs money to build store house. Customer offers him loan and says with his expertise, he can easily pay his interest and principal amount. Eknath hears that and tells Usha he needs to stop Shantaram from taking wrong decision.

Precap: Eknath explains Shantaram not to take loan for business, else he will be in losses. Shantaram asks customer to prepare loan documents and yells at Eknath to stop interfering in his life.

Update Credit to: MA

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