Mere Sai 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Keshav Misunderstands Sai

Mere Sai 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri sees Sai trying to take pot of Madhav and Bhama’s son’s foot and thinks she shall wait as the boy needs Sai more than her. Sai tells Madhav and Bhama that it is not easy to take off utensil from the pot. Bhama asks him to do something and says if you can’t do then nobody would. Anta and Banta think to make Keshav against Sai and instigate him more. Keshav says he will go to Dwarka Maai and check. Sai manages to take off the pot from baby’s foot and heals his foot. Madhav and Bhama smile. Jhipri also smiles. Keshav comes to Dwarka Maai and thinks nobody cares for him now. Madhav and Bhama thank Sai and leave. Jhipri tells Sai that she forgot to tell him something and asks him to come with her, says don’t know what happened to Keshav. Sai says let’s go. They come to the gramophone.

Jhipri tells him about Anta and Banta provoking Keshav against him and blaming him for breaking the gramophone. Sai repairs it with his divine powers. She says Keshav will be happy and asks if its age is remaining. Sai says yes. Jhipri says she will go and give gramophone to Keshav. Keshav cries in his house. Kulkarni asks him not to cry and says we can get another gramophone, but what about your trust on Sai which broke. He tells that Sai is not an ordinary saint, but a tantrik and gone against you as you stopped talking to him. He says Sai instigated your friends against you. Keshav says you are right and tells that he is ready to go to London and dislikes Shirdi.

Jhipri and Champa come to Kulkarni’s house and ask Anta and Banta to call Keshav. She says Sai has repaired it. Anta and Banta insult Jhipri and Champa. Someone comes there and tells that he came to take Keshav to London. Anta and Banta ask him to come. Jhipri and Champa inform their friends. They think to stop Keshav and apologize to him. Sai comes to an old man’s house and asks for charity. An old man tells that he can’t give him charity as he has nothing and tells that his son died while fighting with the dacoits. He feels pain in his head and sits down. Sai holds him.

Vishwanath asks Sai what is his life’s aim. Sai says you will know when the time comes.

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