Mere Sai 12th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Mathura Tai

Mere Sai 12th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahadev asks Sai when will he see god. Sai asks him to have patience. Mahadev say he told that he will show god today. Sai says the day has just started and gets busy in his chores. Mahadev says since he came here, he sees that Sai helps everyone immediately but why is he taking so much time to help him. Sai says should also be ready to emerge in front of him. Mahadev says he is a big scholar who has byhearted Geeta and Ramayan and other holy scriptures and prays in every temple he passes through.

An old lady Mathura tai begs on Shirdi streets, but nobody helps her. Mathura tai walks to Santa and begs saying Sai will help him. Santa yells to move on and try to find job. Mathura tai asks if he will give her job. Santa yells if she doesn’t have anyone at home. Mathura tai says she has a grandson Ashu who also works, but he is ill; if he helps her, Sai will help her. Mathura tai sees Sai and asks to help her. Sai asks if her grandson didn’t get well with his oodhi. Lady says Ashu didn’t believe in oodhi, so didn’t consume it; without money, she cannot buy food at all. Sai drops stones in her begging bowl. She walks away happily saying Sai’s gift is always beneficial. Mahadev asks Sai why he give stones to old lady. Sai says each’s person’s perspective is different.

Mahtura tai returns home and requests her ailing grandson to have Sai’s oodhi and get well. Ashu says it is just superstition, though he wants to get well for her. Mathura tai shows him Sai’s gifted stones. Ashu angrily throws them away saying Sai insulted her instead of helping. Mathura tai sees stones turning into silver coins and shows them to Ashu. Ashu repents for his mistake and thanks Sai for his help. Mathura tai feeds him oodhi, and he gets well consuming it, then thanks Sai.

Kanoji eats breakfast hurriedly and informs his mother that his boss has called him early to fix windows. Mother asks is monthly salary, he says 7 rs. She says house rent itself is 10 rs and overall expenses are around 30 rs, blames Susheela for their problem. Susheela asks if she should work to support them. Kanoji angrily trashes her and warns to not cross her limit. Sai noticing that tells Kapila cow it is time to go.

Precap: Kanoji asks Santa who informed him about his wife.
Santa says he himself saw her in the morning. Kanoji angrily leaves. Sai frees cow Kapila and says she knows what to do. Kapila runs.

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