Mere Sai 11th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Cures Malhari

Mere Sai 11th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Champa’s friends Jhipri, Pari, Malhari, etc., watch her and Ganpat Rao’s rehearsals. Gopi brings dry fruits and kaju burfi and serves Champa’s parents and then friends. Anta and Panta get tempted seeing dry fruits and discuss even they have right to enjoy good food. Champa sings song. Malhari stuffs pockets with badam and continues munching dry fruits. He then collapses. He is rushed to Sai by his friends and parents. Sai checks his eyes. Mhalsapati asks if Malhari has jaundice. Sai says no. Malhari gets up. Sai asks what did he eat today. Mother says normal home food. Sai sees badam in Malhari’s pocket and asks if he ate them. Malhari says yes. Sai says he is allergic to dry fruits and dry fruits in excess are bad for health. He asks Mhalsapati to not keep dry fruits at home. Mhalsapati agrees and leaves with family. Jhipri says Malhari loves dry fruits. Sai says some items are better kept away for their betterment.

Gopi roams around Shirdi with Ganpat Rao and Champa’s drama posters. Villagers discuss Champa is very lucky. Santa and Panta identify Champa and inform Kulkarni. Kulkarni calls Champa’s father and asks him to return his money. Father says he already paid this month’s principle and interest. Kulkarni says he has mortgaged his house, so he will occupy house. Father pleads. Kulkarni warns him to not let his daughter act in drama then and explains a plan. Father hesitates, but Kulkarni gives him a day’s time to finish his task.

Champa’s father returns home and informs his wife. His wife says they cannot shatter Champa’s dream, but cannot develop enemity with Kulkarni. Champa enters wearing sari and asks how is she looking, Ganpat Rao gifted it to her. They say it is very nice. She says she will go and meet Sai and leaves. Champa then reaches Dwarkamayi and thanks Sai for his helps, leaves for rehearsal with Ganpat Rao. Jhipri reminisces Champa unable to speak in childhood and could speak later with Sai’s blessings and reminds Sai of the incident. Sai smiles..

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