Mere Sai 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Another Trouble For Sugandha


Mere Sai 11th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai suggests his devotees to not encourage the greediness wherever they see it as it not only spoils a person’s mind but also ruins their dear one’s happiness and fill their lives with sorrows. He recites a snippet and looks at Ganesh. Ganesh reminisces Vasu asking if he thinks Sugandha is happy as whenever she comes here, there is a sadness on her face. Next morning, Govinda brings wood for Sai and seeing him coloring a pot asks reason. Sai says someone needs it. Chandu walks in next and greets Sai. Sai replies and asks him to sit. Chandu says his daughter is of marriage age now and he is searching a groom for her, but he is poor and cannot fulfill dowry demands, so what should he do. Sai shows him 2 pots and asks which one he likes. Chandu says colored one. Sai asks him to fill water in a colored pot. Chandu does same.

In Shahpur, Sugandha’s in-laws perform house warming pooja. Panditji tells her FIL Vaman that this time he renovated his house really beautifully. MIL Geeta gives its credit to Sugandha and says since she married and came into this house, this house has become very auspicious. Panditji asks her to keep the lamp in every room. She asks Sugandha to do the task.

Chandu sees pot leaking and informs Sai that it has crack and is leaking. Sai asks him to transfer the water into another pot. Plain pot doesn’t leak. Sai asks which pot will he choose. Sai says one which is not leaking, though its not colorful. Sai says he has to adopt this strategy in real life. Chandu says he didn’t understand. Sai says he will find very lucrative alliances for his daughter and one who are greedy and demand dowry cannot keep his daughter happy, so he should find a normal boy who can take care of his daughter’s happiness; he shouldn’t be in a hurry and do kanyadan in a house who need a bahu and not dowry. Chandu thanks him and says he will reject dowry seeking alliances.

Sugandha opens a room and finds it dilapidated. Geeta says she has kept this room unrenovated since years as this room brings happiness in their lives, says good she saw this room as its necessary for her to know that there is a room like this in this house and it will be same forever. Sugandha walks away to keep lamp in temple. After sometime, Sugandha serves food to family. Geeta asks why didn’t she fill her plate. Sugandha says she will have it later. Vaman says she is auspicious to them and should have food first. Her husband Atharva says because of her parent’s dowry, they could renovate this house so beautifully. Vaman asks Geeta to serve bahu first as she is annapoorna of this house. Geeta makes Sugandha sit and serves her food. Vaman tells Atharva that house renovation is done, now he thinks there should be house in their fields. Atharva asks how much money he needs for that. Vaman says he need not worry about money as it will come from his in-laws. Sugandha says she cannot ask money from her parents as already they have given them a lot and there is nothing left to give. Atharva says she also has a share in her parent’s properties. Sugandha says her brother Ganesh gave his business money to them this time and doesn’t have any money left. Geeta reminds her dilapidated room and asks not to forget it. Vaman says he heard her father has grown good crop this time and will harvest it in 1-2 weeks, so they will visit Shirdi in 15-20 days, till then Atharva should get a plan for their new house. Sugandha gets more tensed.

Bayaza maa brings dinner for Sai. Sai says she just went home in the evening. Bayaza maa says how can a mother sit peacefully when her son is hurt. He says he will have it himself. She feeds him and hearing Das Ganu playing music smiles. Bayaz maa says since Sai gave him ektara instrument, his music has improved and it looks like Das Ganu was born to play ektara. Das Ganu walks to Sai and greets him. Sai replies and extends his hands to hug him. Das Ganu happily huts him. Sai writhes in pain. Das Ganu asks what happened to him. Bayaza maa says whatever usually happens. He asks her not to worry as he will take care of Sai. She asks why did he come at this time. He says there is a keerthan at Sakori, so he came here to spend time with them all. Sai says he did right and asks him to have food. Das Ganu says he is full seeing Sai. Bayaz maa says he should have food as Sai’s prasad, serves him food, and says she was telling Sai that ektara became his identity and he plays it beautifully with his beautiful voice. Ganu says voice is a keerthankar’s one hand and ektara another han, he is thankful to Sai to introduce him to both. Sai says he just helped him follow his passion.

Precap: Sai sees storm and thinks sometimes god helps his children via storm. Das Ganu wakes up seeing storm.

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