Mere Sai 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jhipri’s Anxiety Regaring Marriage

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Mere Sai 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai sees Dhondi’s bullock cart driver lashing bulls brutally to drive cart fast and stops him. He says they are working for him, why he is punishing them unnecessarily. Driver apologizes Sai. Sai gives medicine for driver’s mother and asks him to feed water to bullocks. He then addresses Dhondi that he seems to be kind hearted and was closing eyes unable to tolerate bulls’ torture, one should even oppose wrong deeds instead of closing eyes. Dhondi nods okay, and driver drives cart away.

Shanta steals coins from Jhipri’s shagun gift and thinks she got more than what she thought. Sumitra walks towards home thinking god gave her more than what she requested. She sees Jhipri walking out of house and asks where is she going. Jhipri asks if they can meet Sai now. Sumitra say why not, let us take sweets for Sai and takes her in. Shanta hearing their voice drops coins on floor and acts as praying god and thanking god for fixing Jhipri’s alliance in a good rich family and she thinks she is compensating for the years’ void. Sumitra calls her and thanks her for her help. Shanta acts as emotional and says it was her duty. Jhipri sees coins on floor and picks them. Shanta thinks she cannot steal anything from Jhipri’s house, she will get all this after Jhipri’s marriage anyways. Sumitra informs they are going to give sweet to Sai and walks away with Jhipri.

Sumitra with Jhipri reaches Dwarkamayi. Govinda gets happy seeing Jhipri in Sari and asks if she is getting married. Sumitra says yes and Jhipri is getting married in 3 day, serves them all sweets. Pari asks if she will leave Shirdi in 3 days and will not even visit Dwarkamayi. Sumitra says she will whenever she comes to Shirdi. Keshav asks Jhipri if she is okay with this marriage. Sumitra says very much. Jhipri gets sad reminiscing time spent with Sai from childhood till now. Pari cracks jokes, on which everyone laugh with great difficulty. Udhav says it was a lame joke. Pari argues with him. Jhipri cries seeing them and reminiscing her childhood. Everyone get concerned. Sai says he wants to talk to Lakshmi alone.

Dhondi returns home reminiscing the incident happened at Jhipri”s house. His father leaning on swinger asks if he met that girl, how is she. Dhondi afraid says she is good. Father laughs and says he was expecting same from Shanta. Dhondi pleads not to do that. Father slaps him and warns if he will teach his father.

Precap: Jhipri keeps gold coin on her palm and keeps palm over fire to melt coin. Sai says her hand will burn. Jhipri says she is just following his order.

Update Credit to: MA

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