Mere Sai 11th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Medicine For Susheela

Mere Sai 11th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Santa takes Kanoji to Kulkarni and says he got a labor for him. Kulkarni asks Kanoji if he can do whatever he says. Kanoji agrees. Kulkarni asks join the duty from tomorrow. Kanoji asks what will be his salary. Kulkarni says 7 rs. Kanoji says he should at least 25-30 rs for this job. Santa says he is lucky to work with Shirdi’s most prestigious person and will be respected by villagers for being his employee. Kanoji agrees and leaves. Kulkarni asks Santa to keep an eye on Kanoji and find out his details. Santa says he will get Kanoji’s details by tomorrow.

Sai prepares medicine with camphor, tulsi, neem, turmeric, etc., and describes their herbal nature of curing pain. Tatya asks who is in pain. Sai says who knows someone may need it. On the other side, Kanoji’s mother orders Susheela not to mingle with anyone as people will insult Kanoji because of her beauty. Baizaa maa knocks door and says she brought kumkum and goadi/gift for Susheela. Susheela hides her face in pallu. Mother says they have a family ritual not to show face to any outsiders. Baizaa says she will fill goadi and give kumkum in hand. She fills Susheela’s goad with mirror and other gifts and gives kumkum in hand. Susheela shivers holding mirror. Once Baizamaa leaves, mother yells at Susheela for accepting mirror instead of returning it to Baizaa maa. Susheela asks how could she. Mother yells to hide mirror and throw it away before Kanoji sees it and punish her. Mirror drops from Susheela’s hand. Mother yells more at Susheela. While picking glass pieces, Susheela sees her face and thinks it has been years since she saw her face. Kanoji returns home and gets angry seeing that, drags her out and puts her hand in boiling water as punishment. Sai notices that in water pot puts herbs in pot. Susheela removes her hand and is amazed to see it intact with camphor smell from water; she thanks god for her help and says only god can quench her hunger and protect her from boiling water. Sai smiles.

At night, Sai is asleep in Dwarkamayi when a man peeps in thinking Sai seeing him in cold will for sure show him god. Sai walks to him and asks to sit near fire to ward off cold. Man insists to see god. Sai says only god will decide whether he will see god or not and takes him inside.

In the morning, while broom house Susheela feels she is noticing god is protecting her in Shirdi. Sai smiles.

Precap: An old woman tells Sai that she is begging since morning and didn’t get a penny. Sai says he will help her and puts stones in her bowl.

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