Mere Sai 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Convinces Champa’s Parents to Let Champa Act In Drama

Mere Sai 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks Champa if she likes to sing in drama. Champa excitedly says she loves singing and heard there will be different songs each day in drama, she will learn them all. She continues though she is not intelligent like Jhipri and did not value herself, when Sai asked her to sing, she realized hr talent, she will learn singing in drama. Sai asks if she is not afraid of acting with stranger Ganpat Rao. Champa says Ganpat Rao considered her as his sister, then he will protect her. Her parents stand crying emotionally. She realizes their presence and says she will do whatever they say as her happiness is in their happiness. Father emotionally says that he did not realize her passion for singing and did not let her outside house to stop her from joining drama company, he is a bad father. She hugs him

and says he is the best father in the world. He says he will become one and will speak to Ganpat Rao personally. He thanks Sai. Sai chants Ramji Bhala Kare and leaves. Champa’s parents continue pampering her.

Ballal Pant decides to vacate drama company from Shirdi. Gopi asks if they are really going from here. Pant sadly nods yes. Ganpat Rao fumes that he is stop drama midway because of Kulkarni. Pant asks him not to worry, they will find rani Damayanti in city and will return with a bang. Ganpat Rao sees Champa’s parents standing and angrily signals Pant to send them away. Pant apologizes them for troubling them and says they are leaving from here. Father apologizes Pant and says Champa is ready to act in drama and they did not realize Ganpat Rao’s value. Ganpat Rao gets very happy and assures them that Champa will be his drama’s heroine. Mother asks about Champa’s safety. Ganpat Rao excitedly says they can stay hre. Ballal takes him aside and says they will have to bear 3 extra persons’ expenses. Ganpat Rao asks him to stop and reassures parents again they can stay in drama company with Champa.

Ballal Pant meets Sai and thanks him for solving their problem. Sai says he did not do anything. Ballal says he knows Sai brought rain, else Ganpat Rao is singing since years and did not even a drop of rain. On the other side, Ganpat Rao introduces Champa to guruji/drama teacher and asks her to rehearse. Champa enacts Rani Damayanti. Guruji suggests her to act like a queen and not commoner. She says yes…. Jhipri and other friends walk in. She gets happy seeing them. Sai tells Ballal that Ganpat Rao is an artist and does not know value of money, Ballal should take care of him being his childhood friend. Ballal is surprised and asks how does he know that he and Ganpat Rao are childhood friends while nobody in Shirdi knows about it, ho does he know about Ganpat Rao’s lack of financial knowledge. Sai smiles. Ballal bows in front of Sai. Sai chants Allah Malik Hai..

Precap: Malhari feels drowsy and collapses. Sai checks him and looks sad.

Update Credit to: MA

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