Mere Sai 10th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Eknath Gifts His Life’s Savings To Shantaram

Mere Sai 10th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Eknath waits for his son Shantaram to till late night and when he comes, he gives his retirement fund to his son. Shantaram asks if he wants him to keep it safely. Eknath says it is up to Shantsram to save it or spend it, now he is retired and wants to spend a peaceful life. Shantaram happily touches Eknath’s feet and walks in. Usha watches this fuming and serves Shataram food. Shantaram praises taste and seeing her frowning face asks reason. She says everyone got something with baba/Eknath’s return; Ananand got his grandfather, Aayi/Nirmala got her husband, and Shantaram got his father back, but she got only extra work. He asks her to be specific. She explains how Eknatth asked her to take care of household work and let her sasumaa/Nirmala live a retired life, then complained about spicy food, etc. She asks when he praised taste, why baba create such a big issue, she is tired of working whole day and cannot tolerate Baba’s tantrums. Shantaram says baba is old fashioned and she should bear him somehow. Usha continues yelling. Sai watches it via his divinity and Eknath’s decision of peaceful retired life gives moral gyaan that till they are alive they need to work and one should not speak which others won’t like, etc. Next morning, Eknath feels bored sitting idle. Anand finishes his homework and plays hide and seek with Eknath. Usha gets jealous seeing that and scolds Anand to go and study. Anand says he finished already. Usha says baba has free time, but others are busy, he himself told to take care of house and Anand, Anand gives excuses and does not want to study. Eknath asks Anand to study and always obey his mother. Anand agrees.

Sai is busy watering plant in Dwarkamayi when a lady brings his ill husband. Sai gives him water. Lady explains her ordeal that after 2 months of marriage, her husband is ill after her father-in-law died; her husband and father-in-law used to fight, but after father-in-law’s death, her husband went into depression and his condition deteriorated; she sold all their assets to cure him and now they don’t even have a place to stay; someone suggested to meet Sai, so she came here to seek Sai’s help. Sai explains husband’s problem in detail. Lady asks if her husband will get well. Sai says his treatment cannot happen here and takes them along. At Srikanth’s house, he teaches Math to Govinda. Chihu asks them to rest for sometime and offers mangoes. Srikanth says Govinda will not get anything until he solves Math problem himself. Govinda silently tries to escape. Srikanth twists his ear. Sai enters with ill man and his wife. Srikanth and Chihu greet him. Sai says this man is ill and he is taking him for treatment and since man is very ill and cannot walk further if he can rest here. Srikanth agrees. Sai makes man and his wife sit on cot. Chihu offers them water. Wife takes and says she will feed her husband. Govinda complains Sai that baba/Srikanth always punishes him, he makes him study at school and even at home, when will he relax. Srikanth says he acts tough on him so that his education base should be strong, he even brings gifts for him if he studies well, asks Govinda if he did not bring him toys when he got good marks in final exams. Govinda agrees. Ill man reminisces his father scolding him in childhood and then pampering him with gifts and explaining he is worried for his future. He cries vigorously. Srikanth asks what happened to him. Sai says old wounds are healing, let him cry. Man says his father was also tough on him worried for his future, but he misunderstood his father; now his father is not alive and he is repenting for his mistakes. Sai consoles him.

Eknath gets bored reading same books and watches Usha washing utensils. He sees strong dirt on 1 vessel and asks Usha to bring salt and tamarind. She brings yelling in mind. He washes utensil saying he is free and she can do some other chores. Neighbor ladies stop and badmouth about Usha seeing this. Usha gets angry seeing that and yells at Eknath in mind.

Precap: Eknath hears Usha and Shantaram complaining Nirmala against him that baba interferes in everything and is troubling them a lot.

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