Mere Sai 10th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Chivu Surprised To See Vishwanath’s Bold Side

Mere Sai 10th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bheeva takes his baby in his hand. Om Sai plays. Vishwanath comes to Chivu’s room. Chivu is surprised and ass what are you doing here? Leave from my room. Vishwanath praises her eyes. Chivu checks in mirror. Vishwanath goes on complimenting her. Chivu thinks what happened to him today and thinks he didn’t do this even when they were newly married and asks if he had any medicine. She hides behind the bed. She turns and sees Vishwanath there. She gets up and asks what you are doing? Vishwanath says he brought gift for her and gives her mogra perfume. Chivu says if you think I will come with you to your house then you are thinking wrong. She pushes him out of room and locks the door. Vishwanath asks her to hear him.

Sai and others set Bheeva’s house. Bheeva thanks Sai for saving him from Das custom

again. Sai asks him to understand the value of a family. Anta and Banta ask old man and his son to give them 3 tolas gold. Old man and his son Aditya tell that they don’t have money. Vishwanath asks them to go and tells that Kulkarni gave responsibility to him to get gold from the people. Anta and Banta get tensed and run away. Chivu thinks how did he get so much courage, it is a miracle. Old man tells Vishwanath that they are poor and don’t have gold, but they have brought some money. Vishwanath says ok and asks them to go. He then returns their money and says you need it. Old man blesses Vishwanath and they leave.

A man comes to Sai and tells that his son don’t get sleep without hearing story. Sai says it is good. Man says since my mum told him story about hungry tiger, he stops me from going to work and have hidden my accounts book. He tells that his son is not telling him even though he tried all means to ask him. Sai asks the boy why did you hide your father’s accounts book. Boy who is Jhipri’s friend tells that he cares for his father. Sai asks him to play game with him and throws the ball. Ball goes in the bushes. Sai stops him and says insects etc might be there. Boy says he is used to take out ball from the bushes. Sai says just like you know, your father also knows how to go through the jungle. He says they shall be ready for all situation and shall taken precautions and be careful. Boy lets his father go to work. Father promises to return home and asks about the accounts book. Boy tells him that it is in old almari. Father of the boy thanks Sai. Sai asks boy to get the ball.

In the night, Chivu coughs and feels thirsty. She thinks nobody keeps water in her room, Rukmini vahini would have kept water in her room. She comes to kitchen, but there is no water.

Sai goes past the gramophone. It falls and breaks. Anta and Banta blame Sai. Keshav falls in their trap and doubts on Sai.

Update Credit to: MA

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