Mere Sai 10th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai To Help Susheela?

Mere Sai 10th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Susheela cries holding god’s idol and prays to help her as she cannot tolerate hunger. Sai watches Susheela’s ordeal in moon and says soon her problems will be solved. A man watching Sai hiding thinks Sai fed whole food to cow except 1 grain, and if he is really divine, he would have arranged more food for him. He sees snake crawling towards Sai and picks stick to kill it thinking it may bite Sai. Sai greets snake Veerbhadra and says he was waiting for him and has kept milk for him. Veerbhadra drinks milk and stands behind Sai showing h is multimouthed form. Man realizes that Sai baba is divine man and will fulfill all his requests for which he is wandering since long.

Kulkarni punishes Santa and makes him stand on his head. Santa pleads to release him as he can’t bear his weight on his head. Kulkarni says he ordered him to find some labors, but he didn’t find any yet. Santa says nobody wants t work for him. Kulkarni orders to be on his head whole night. Santa cries that he is stuck here.

Next morning, Sai goes begging and man follows him. Sai noticing him smiles and says he is following him since yesterday and left Dwarkamayi without speaking, what problem he has, addressing him as Mahadev. Mahadev says he knows everything. Sai says he has many problems, in which one he wants his help. Mahadev says he wants to see god, not in temple, masjid, or church; when god has given his life and everything in the world, he wants to see god. Sai says god made them all, then how can he show him god, but that doesn’t mean he cannot watch god. Mahadev asks how. Sai says god can be seen via devotion, truth, and faith; he can see god only after he attains those qualities. Mahadev says he is ready and will do whatever he has to to see god, Sai should help him see god.

Kanoji walks on street sadly after he is unable to get job. He sees Santa forcing labors and Ranoji to lift huge wooden log. They fail and Santa boasts that h can lift it easily. Ranoji asks to do it then. Santa says he is wearing good clothes, so he can’t. Ranoji asks him to change his clothes and lift log then. Kanoji walks to him and says he can help. With his technique, he helps labors lift log easily. Ranoji praises Kanoji’s technique. Santa reminisces Kulkarni’s words and takes him to Kulkarni.

Baizamaa brings food for Sai and feeds him warning not to leave it like last night. Sai emotionally finishes food. Baizamaa informs today is asthami pooja. Sai gives her kumkum to apply it on ladies after pooja and not leave a single suhagan lady. Baizamaa thinks Sai is tensed regarding some suhagan woman, else he wouldn’t have been tensed. She takes kumkum and leaves. Sai looking in sky says Allah malik.

Precap: Kanoji puts Susheela’s hand in boiling hot water as a punishment.

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