Mere Sai 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Teaching influences Vinod

Mere Sai 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks Vinod to pluck the tree. Vinod says it is impossible to pluck it. Sai asks him to try. Bhama meets Parvati and tells that groom’s family refused for the alliance. Parvati says they pretend that they like her. Bhama says they said that our Gauri is fair complexion and their son is wheatish. Parvati says he was not that dark. Bhama apologizes to her for bringing the alliance. Malhari comes and asks about food. Parvati says Tulsa is making rice, once it is cooked, she will serve the food. Bhama asks her about Tulsa and asks till when she will stay here. Parvati says she is fine and going to Dwarka Maai daily, Sai will solve everything. Bhama goes. Vinod thinks how can Sai hope that I will pluck this tree from its roots. He tries to pluck it, but couldn’t. Sai asks him to try again.

Vinod’s wife looks on. Vinod tells Sai that he can’t pluck the big tree and says you know then also you are asking me. Sai says you have pluck the grass as it is grown recently and even this plant, but this tree is big and is grown since years and that’s why you can’t pluck it. He says habits gets stronger with time, so it shall be left as soon as possible. Parvati comes to kitchen and sees Tulsa washing the rice. She tells her that she fetched the water with much difficulty and you have finished all. She asks her to look at herself and puts rice grains in the boiling water. Tulsa gets sad. Parvati says we are worried for you and wants to help you. She says Sai wants to help you, but if you don’t want to change yourself then don’t waste atleast Sai’s time. Vinod understands Sai’s teaching and tells that he will leave drinking. Sai asks him not to come under someone influence and leave bad habits.

Aaji is talking to villager woman Janki, when she tells about unnatural things happening to the girl and tells that she was Dayan. Other lady asks Dayan? Janki tells that the girl was inauspicious at first and then she became Dayan. Tulsa sees a woman shooing bat cat and picks the cat. Villager thinks she is strange woman and is hugging the cat. Tulsa makes the cat go. She sees a bullock cart coming towards the cat and runs to stop the cart. She rescues the cat. The man in the cart asks Tulsa to move from their way. He gets down from the cart and asks Tulsa to say. Tulsa signs him as she is having water in her mouth. Man shouts and asks if she is teasing him and asks her to make the cat go from his way. Tulsa keeps the cat on ground. Man suffers an attack and falls down. His son gets worried.

Tulsa signs them something. Man’s son blames Tulsa and asks her to go. Villager women think Tulsa can’t be a witch. A villager tells that they shall take the man to Kulkarni. Tulsa spits the water and tells that they shall take the man to Dwarka Maai and only he can treat him. Sai apologizes to the plant for the trouble and says you have inspired Vinod. He plants it again. Om Sai plays….He says a bad habit is a matter of worry and shall be left soon.

Sai asks Tulsa not to keep water in her mouth from now onwards. Tulsa asks do you want me not to come and says I want all the shells, don’t tell this. Sai looks on.

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