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Let’s begin…..

Ragini opens her eyes and finds her safe…

She takes a big sign of relief…
Her eyes falls on Sanskar.. Who has fell over the steering wheel

Ragini shocked: sir…..

She pulls him.. And was shocked to see a wound on his forehead….

Ragini gets worried and pats him:sir..sir…

She pats his cheeks!

He was unconscious!

Ragini:oh god..sir…

Tears were falling from her eyes…

She sees the water and sprinkles on his face

He gets conscious

Ragini: sir are you ok…

Sanskar: who are you??

Ragini was shocked

Ragini:sir..enough..i am not in the mood of joke

He made a most innocent face

Ragini looks at him and gets worried

Ragini: me sir Ragini….

Sanskar: Ragini who Ragini??

She bites her nails in worry..

While he smiles mischievously… She looks at him within no time he changes his expression into most innocent one ?

Ragini: i am your secretary…sir…

Sanskar:no i don’t know any secretary!!

Ragini: sab meri galti hai..if i didn’t cursed you may be we didn’t had to face this…

Sanskar was enjoying

Sanskar: why are you crying??

She wipes her tears

Ragini: try to remember…

Sanskar:if you are my secretary..why r u crying??

Ragini:bcs i….

She looks at him suspiciously

Sanskar:bolo bolo…which secretary saves her boss risking her life…which secretary cries for her boss being hurt…which secretary worries if her boss got small wounds?

Ragini: that..that means u acted…

She was about to get down the car…

But the car door is jammed

Sanskar:see even my car doesnt want you to go away from me…
He smiles mischievously

Ragini: here we are in the serious situation and you…
She looks other side being disgusted

Sanskar teasingly sings:hum tum ik kamre mein bandh ho aur chaabi kho jaaye

Ragini tries to open the door…

Sanskar smiles…he opens the central lock …

Ragini opens the door

Sanskar:lets go nahi tho..we will be late

He tries to start the car…

Ragini: i knew it…

She kicks is tyre continuously:khatara khatara khatara….

Sanskar angrily gets down: i already warned..say whatever you want about me but not my car

She smirks: this time i didn’t told your car but i am taking frustration on mine and car’s khatara boss

Sanskar:oh..good…(understanding her point)what did you say??

Ragini:the same thing i said even before…

Ragini sees him who is coming towards her….

Ragini was about to move.. He held her and pulls her…

Sanskar:you and me alonr..darr nai lag raha tumhe…its getting night… Even if you scream nobody would come here and i can do anything with you..
He said huskily

Ragini looks at him straight to his eyes

Ragini: no you can’t do anything

Sanskar: how can you be so sure…
He slides his finger on her hairs

Ragini: because…


He tucks her hair behind her ear.

Ragini:if you had to do something with could have done anything with me in the shimla trip…and you could have done anything anyday if you were like that…but you are not like that…

Sanskar felt really happy

San:but if i do something now…

Ragini: u can’t do anything because i trust you….

She moves from there when she found he has left her

Sanskar had a wide smile…when a girl expects respect from man..even men does too…he found the respect trust care concern and love in her eyes…and her words have touched him
He didn’t expected that she would trust him to this extent
His happiness had no bounds… Like he had won a world… Its the big thing that the person you love trusts you blindly….!

One thing he isn’t understanding.. He is sure that she loves him but why she isn’t accepting him?

Here Ragini sits on a rock

Ragini’s pov

The rollercoaster of my life is moving so fast that i am not understanding anything…i myself doesn’t understand what is my next move..what is my next words…(a lone tear passes from her eyes) how would i say him that i can’t work anymore…i didn’t wanted to die in front of the person i lo…..(tears falls from her eyes nonstop)…

She wipes her tears…… She was feeling severe headache…. Her bag was in the car so she gets up from the rock… And was about to go…

Sanskar held her wrist

Sanskar: i demand for the truth…

She looks at him being shocked


To be continued…..

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    Fabulouuuuusssss aliya.

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    Ragini pls confess your love to sanskar.
    Is she affected by any disease.???

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