Let’s begin…..

A week passed… Ragini was more than happy to get nikhil in her life… Her happiness has no bounds and nikhil he was jst making sure that ragini believes him completely she keeps a blind trust on him and sanskar he was not good in this week he saw nikhil daily dropping and picking ragini… He himself don’t know why he was feeling so bad seeing them together…

A new day.. It was sunday
Ragini and gunjan went to meet sheena…
Rag:hw r u sheena?
Sheena smiles weakly
Gun:sheena.. I hv found abt him…
Sheena:plzz gunjan.. I know you both r worried for me.. If he went to jail he vl be back in an hour and he will kill me… I dont want to kill this child
She cries
Sheena:at first i thought i vl kill his dirty blood bt wat is the mistake of this child… Bt the mistake is mine
Gun:it’s not…
Sheena :it’s mine mistake… She cries hardly
Rag:sheena plzz don’t cry…. Plzz… I know he vl be punished for his deeds soon…
Rag hugs her…….

While coming back both were sad…
Gun:she vl not take any step against him
Rag:i think now he vl be playing with other girls

They goes to a park and sits there….
Rag to change the surrounding
Rag:u didn’t make me meet you fiance
Gun:hmm…. Vl call him here…
She calls him and tell him to come to the park

After few mins…
Rag:wr is he.. Yaar?? Ok ok… Tell me something about him
Gun:bt first tell me something abt your bf… U didn’t make me meet him
Rag:he is soo busy in his work… He is a workaholic

Here nikhil is shown flirting with girls

Gun:hmm… I hv to meet him someday
Rag:now u tell
Gun:hmm… He is soo calm and quite
Rag:he is not like you then
Gun laughs:ha… He cares for everyone… He works in SK CONSTRUCTIONS
Rag:hey… Wait.. I too work there
Gun:then u may be hv met him…
Rag:i only know vineet sir i mean bhaiyya there
Gun smiles:hmm… Its vineet
Rag:waaatttt…..? Omg omg…. I m so so so happy….
She hugs
Rag:wait lets make a plan….
She shares a plan…

After a while vineet comes
He sees gunjan…
Gun :hiii
Vin:so.. Why u called me here urgently
Gun:woh.. My friend want to meet you
Gun:yes.. She is so strict.. She is somewhat like a angry bird.. If she didn’t like you na then she vl reject you
Vin:oh wr is she…

Rag from behind:i m here…
He turns:Ragooo….
Rag smiles:tum dono ne cheating kiya aur mujhe bataya nahi…
Vin smiles:it was you
Gun:yes… It was her plan.. Madam ko pata tha tum aane wale ho
Rag:so now tell me why didnt you tell me
Vinjan:tumne poocha nahi aur humne bataya nahi..
Rag:hawwww…. Now blame on me
Vin:now you got to know na…
Trio laughs
Rag:now i want treat
Vin:ok.. Wr u want?
Rag:hmmm….. Ice cream……

Here suji was searching something
Sanram were confused….
San signal ram abt wat she is searching
He gives him i don’t know look

San:mom.. Wat r u searching.. Tell me i vl help u too find
Suj:arey… She continues to search
San gets up and held her
Suji:i lost the number
San:whose number
Suji:my Daughter-in-law ‘s
Ram shocked:waaat?
Suji:then wat? U just search that is there any chit which had her number
Ram:sacchi na u said lie ryte
Suji consed:wat?
Ram:daughter in law
San:i think u kept somewhere and forgot…. Bt tell me whose numbr
Suji:why it bothers u
San gives her why me? Look
He goes from there

He gets ready to go to night club with his friends

He goes
He meets his friends… They all goes in

They were talking suddenly he sees nikhil dancing with some girls.. He was fully drunk…. He was shocked
Sanskar’s friend om sees him seeing nikhil
Om:he is nikhil arora
San:u mean arora’s
He nods
Om:every day he changes girls like tissue papers
San remembers he hugging ragini….

Om:he traps innocent girls for his benefits….
San only remembered abt ragini

Om:why to talk abt him and spoil our mood…
They then talks
And leaves from there
Sanskar couldn’t sleep for whole night….

Next day
Ragini comes to office
Vin:ragooo…. Today sir may not come.. Bt u hv to do all ur work
Rag nods..
She does her work
San cones he sees ragini working with dedication

He goes to his cabin…
Rag sees him and goes to his cabin and knocks
San:come in.. Properly
Rag murmurs:how he gets to know that i m going to peep
She gets in…
San:by ur body language
Rag:yes sir?
San:i heard u
Rag was shocked
Rag herself:his ears or speaker

San:Ms. Mathur…
Rag stumbles…
His lips crept a small smile seeing her antics
She was shocked as he never smiled infront of her
Rag:sir you r smiling
Rag:no i saw
San:do ur work unless taking ur mind somewhere else

San:Ms. Mathur will u say why u came
Rag:sorry sir i forgot
Rag:woh.. USA clients are coming next Monday
She turns to go
San:Ms. Mathur….
She faces him
He remembers abt nikhil…
Rag:yes sir
San:can you make me a cup of coffee
Rag:sure sir
She goes

San:wat should i do..? I think i should stay away from this matter.. Its her life and who m i to her to tell her this and why vl she believe me…

Here nikhil goes to sheena’s house….
Sheena was alone there
He rings the bell..
Sheena opens the door thinking its her mother
Sheena gets scared seeing him:t.. Tum
Nik:ohh.. Sheena baby… I got to know that u r not well
Sheena:w..why r u here?
She was abt to close the door he stops her
Nik:sheena baby…. I jst came to see you…. And i also got to know that there is someone else with you
Sheena:plzzz…. Go from here….
Nik:aww… U r so cute..
Sheena folds her hand and cries:plzzz…
Nik:aise kaise ha… Tum tho meri darling ho
Sheena:why r here… I didnt even come to you or gave complaint to police
Nik:that’s why u r sooo sweet… Kaam ke baat karte hai… U hv to abort this child
Sheena:no.. I vl not
Nik:itna pyaar…
Sheena:i vl not…. Watever u do i vl not
Nik angrily:u vl not… Ha
He pushes her to floor…
She falls and winces in pain
He takes a chair and beats her…
She was continuously begging him
Blood were oozing out from sheena’s mouth
Nik:is it paining…. Aww sorry…. And our baby… It would hv died by now… So bye ha…. Wait a min… I want to tell u something
Sheena was wincing in pain.. She was half conscious
Nik:now i hv trapped another girl like you… Bt to her bad luck i wont leave her by using once…. Bcs she is….. He smiles evilly

Here ragini gives coffee to Sanskar
He sees smiley and she has placed 4 cookies on a plate
He looks at her the cookies r very tasty.. If you dip the cookies in the coffee and eat it is very very tasty… M sure u vl like it
He was looking at her with a small smile… Actually he was lost in her
Rag:ok sir.. I vl leave now
She goes
He takes the cookies and dips in coffee and eats… He smiles

Here ragini gets a call and was shocked
She keeps her hand on mouth to prevent sob….
Vineet sees her.. He was hell worried seeing her like that
Her phone fell from her hand
Vin:ragoooo…. Wat hpnd
Sanskar sees this…he sees tears in her eyes… It pained him….
Rag:i hv to go…..
Vin:wat hpnd…!
He gets gunjan’s call…. He knew abt sheena… He too was shocked….
Vin:ok.. U get ready i vl ask with sir for a leave…

Vin goes to san and asks him the permission for a emergency leave
San gives them them leave
And both ragvin goes
San doesnt know wat had hpnd bt he was worried….

Precap:nikhil’s truth…..

Sorry for boring part as it was situation demanded….

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