Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sadhna asking Dada ji to bless Jhanvi and Abhishek as they are starting new life. Jhanvi says she want to forget the past and make a new beginning. Dada ji looks on. Sadhna asks them to go. Dada ji tells Sadhna that he is relieved as their family’s respect is saved. Sadhna says she is happy as Murli and Shyamali have also united. Dada ji tells that he owe a lot to Radha as she made his dream come true. She united his family, now it is his turn to make her unite with LD. LD talks with Suhasini and she gets emotional. Radha comes to room and hears him talking to Suhasini. She smiles happily.

Sadhna asks Dada ji, are you doing the right thing. Dada ji says sometimes we have take wrong steps to make things right. Some goons bring Pratap (with his face covered) to Chaturvedi family and beat him. Pratap tells about Dada ji joining hands with them, and Jayshree’s hand in breaking LD and Radha’s marriage. Everyone is shocked. The goons remove the mask from Pratap’s face. Banwari asks what is the matter, else police will get the info out from you. Jayshree says he is taking revenge as she refused his son’s alliance for Jhanvi. She says why she would break LD and Radha’s marriage. She tells Radha’s chachas were blackmailing me saying Dada ji has broken Radha and LD’s marriage. She asks them to confirm with Dadi Bua, and says she even has video. LD says he is my Dada ji, and he can’t do this. Dada ji comes and says Jayshree is saying right. Everyone is surprised to see him standing on his feet. Everyone gives mixed reactions seeing him fine. Dada ji walks down the stairs and says I made that plan. LD couldn’t believe and asks Dada ji, you can walk now.

Dada ji says now I can walk and say the truth too. This is true that I didn’t want Radha to become this house’s bahu, and that’s why I made plan with Radha’s chacha, then I saw goodness in Radha, and saw love for you. I realized my mistake and asked them to stop the plan, but someone continued the plan and ruined everything. He says I took Radha’s signatures on property papers and police complaint papers on the pretext of something. When I wanted to accept my doings, Radha stopped me from telling the truth, and said that her LD couldn’t bear to see Dada ji’s this side. He says Radha took the blame on herself and faced hatredness. Everyone looks on emotionally. Dada ji tells LD that he is guilty of him, and more than that he is guilty of Radha. He says he was suffocating inside with this truth. He says he knew that someone was stabbing them, and wanted to know. He did this to enquire about the same. Dadi Bua says Jayshree is far more clever than I thought.

Dadi Bua says this Jayshree has ruined this life since 1 years. She used me as a puppet, and threatened me that she will tell everyone about your conspiracy. She says I behaved badly with Govind and Sadhna on Jayshree’s orders. She cries and apologizes to Govind. Govind asks her not to cry. Sadhna says we shall make a new beginning. Banwari says he wants to say something. He tells Jayshree that he can’t make eye contact with his own family members because of her. Jayshree tries to speak. Banwari says you have lost your right of being my wife. Jhanvi says I am safe today because of Sadhna. She says I don’t need this kind of mum, and we have no relation now. Dadi Bua says as you sow, so you reap…….You tried to break Sadhna’s family and get all the property, but your own family have turned face from you. Sadhna asks Jayshree to remove hatredness from her heart and then everyone will look good. Dada ji tells Sadhna that he has some important work to do. He apologizes to LD and Radha. Radha asks him not to apologize and bless them. LD says you are my adarsh/idol and will always be. Sadhna asks LD to get Radha’s hand in marriage with him. Dada ji says he will welcome his bahu.

LD tells Radha that he didn’t know what to say. Radha says when words fails, silence wins. I know what you want to say. I don’t have any complaints with you. LD says he is angry with himself for not understanding her love and apologizes to her. Radha says you didn’t do any mistake and it was just a misunderstanding. LD says I love you and hugs her. Dada ji blesses them and prays to God for their togetherness.

Dadi Bua asks LD to fill Radha’s maang and make her his wife again. LD fills her maang. Everyone looks on happily and claps.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nice episode

  2. gud going…:)

  3. NIce episode CAnt wait for tommorows epi 🙂 Luv ya LD n RAdha

  4. Wonderfully casted and written serial whyyyyy close so early. Atleast 200 episode should be there withkabir and Radha and Ld. And Kabir drama.

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