Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha getting surprised to see the borewell big tap instead of a regular tap. She thinks how to wash her hands. She then pump the borewell and tries to wash her hands, but the water flow stops after a while. LD looks at her and smiles. Radha again pumps the borewell. LD comes and pumps the borewell. Radha washes her hands. LD asks her to make friendship with him. Radha says only in dreams. LD asks you have to tell me something. Radha says yes and asks him to meet her in the night. LD says ok.

Chameli comes and asks Radha to wipe her hands. Jayshree asks Chameli what were LD and Radha talking about. Radha waits for him in the garden area and feels cold. LD thinks today she will accept his friendship. He comes to the garden and makes her wear the jacket. Radha returns his jacket saying she don’t want her jacket and advice. She asks him to hear her quietly. LD asks her to wear the jacket quietly. He tries to touch her forehead, but she stops him. He then makes her wear the jacket again. He then asks her to tell what she wants to say.

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Jayshree comes there and asks you both were here like this. LD says we were just…….Jayshree says meeting is not allowed. It is like crossing your limits. She says it is not confirmed of you daughter in law status. She says it was good that I saw you. She talks about values. Suhasini comes there and asks what did her daughter do? She tells Jayshree that your values are not right. They argue. Radha intervenes and asks Jayshree to talk to her. Jayshree tells her that Dada ji will ask her in the morning and asks her to get ready with the answer.

She says good night as this night may be your last night in the house. LD says sorry to Radha and goes after Jayshree. Suhasini tells Radha that Jayshree is her chachi saas. Radha says she can’t see anyone insulting her mum. Suhasini says it will take time to adjust for both of us. They turn and look at LD. They see LD searching for something. LD tells them that he is searching for their smile. Suhasini smiles. He asks her not to worry. LD tells her that Radha looks good when she gets angry. She looks charming. Suhasini reminds him that Radha is her daughter. LD praises Radha.

Jayshree comes to the kitchen and tells Shyamali that she got insulted by LD. She tells that they were romancing and then supporting each other. She indirectly hurts Shyamali. Shyamali asks her not to worry and go to sleep. She goes. Jayshree laughs on Shyamali and thinks she hit two goals with one arrow.

LD comes to Radha’s room and says he needs her help. Shyamali gives water to Murli. She thinks LD really loves Radha very much. She thinks she can see love in LD’s eyes for Radha and thinks her husband never looks at her even once. She comes to Murli and keeps her head on his shoulder. Murli gets uncomfortable. Shyamali reminds him that she is his wife. Murli asks her to sleep. He sleeps. Shyamali gets sad.

Jayshree wakes up and shouts. Murari too wakes up hearing her shouts. He says it is just 3:30 am now. Jayshree says she has to reach for the aarti first. Radha wakes up Suhasini and says it is 4:10 now. Suhasini says you have become responsible. Radha thinks she is doing this for her Papa and is testing her destiny. She will try to complete this challenge with full honesty. Suhasini tells Radha to hurry up. Radha says what is the need of this torture, waking up so early in the morning.

Jayshree comes to the kitchen and asks did everyone take bath. Chameli says yes. She says it would have been good if we get the geyser. Chameli goes to call Radha. Jayshree throws the hot water and puts cold water in the utensil. Chameli gets worried and thinks the water is cold. Sadhna tries to go and see Radha. Jayshree keeps her busy and thinks she won’t let Radha and Suhasini reach for the aarti.

Sadhna and LD look for Radha and Suhasini. Sadhna thinks she can’t leave the aarti and go. Dada ji comes to attend the aarti and plays the shank. Sadhna sings the bhagan Kanha………..Dada ji looks at LD. LD keeps looking for Radha. Radha and Suhasini come there. Sadhna gives the aarti to everyone. Dada ji looks at them.

Radha comes to Govind and gives tea. Govind takes tea cup from the tray and just then Radha turns making the tea falls on Govind.

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