Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 9th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 9th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD telling everyone that he accepts this marriage. He says but this relation will start with hatred, we study in same college and we both have always showed down each other, do you think Radha will be happy with me, she hates me, you all are right, our society is such that they will taunt her, but when I see Radha, I felt this will not happen at her time, she always stays happy and confident, she is lucky to have parents like you, you always supported her, but when I heard you today, I was hurt, I just want to say, I did the mistake, I m really sorry and I m ready for any punishment, but don’t punish Radha for this. Radha hears this and cries. He says this solution will be punishment for Radha more than me. Suhasini sees Radha. LD says if you think this solution will make everyone’s life back to normal, I will not stop you. Radha looks on. LD leaves.

Sadhna asks Govind to get calm and listen to her. Govind says why, is this any way to threaten us, are we any beggar that they are showing attitude. LD recalls Radha’s dad seeing him. Radha’s dad says his mistake can’t be rectified now, what about the loss he did to Radha and her life. Govind and Sadhna come to know he is Radha’s dad. Radha’s dad says Radha’s character is ruined. LD says yes, I can’t rectify it, but I will protect Radha and her image, I did a mistake, but its not a sin, it was unintentional, you can punish me, else give me a chance to repent, I promise I will erase all stains off Radha’s character. Radha’s dad leaves with Rupa.

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Govind and Sadhna leave. Radha’s dad comes home and asks Radha and Suhasini what was he saying. Radha cries. He hugs her. Rakesh says we have solved everything, no need to worry now. Radha’s dad says I m ill, I m not dead, you will decide for my daughter’s life now. Suhasini says your daughter, is she not my daughter. He asks how did she let them do this. Suhasini says you decided for her always, can’t I decide this, am I not worried for her future. She says I have taken the decision for her, as I feel this is best for her future. Radha’s dad supports her. Suhasini says when you fainted, you don’t know what I went through at that time.

She cries and says she has lost all hopes and dreams. Radha says you have made me feel that its my mistake to be a girl. She gets angry and leaves. LD talks to his parents. Sadhna asks Govind to think what to do now. Govind asks her to ask LD, and Bua ji was right, its my big mistake to send LD to Mumbai, what will I tell him now, that his grandson has done marriage here. Govind asks how can he marry like this, explain this to Radha’s family, they are sending their daughter with us, you know Sadhna that Bau ji will not agree for this relation, he hates Mumbai, people are different here.

Sadhna says yes, we will talk to them and explain them. Govind says he won’t talk to them. LD says Radha will never accept this relation. Sadhna says Radha’s family’s reaction is justified, Bau ji will be angry, but when he knows someone daughter’s life is ruined because of Ld, what will he think. She says we have to decide for both LD and Radha. Jayshree calls LD and Radha sees his phone ringing. She takes the call. Jayshree is shocked and says girl’s voice, did I call wrong number. Radha asks who is this. Jayshree asks about Leela Dhar. Radha says its LD’s phone, and goes to give him.

Bua ji comes to Jayshree. Jayshree says she was making call to Mumbai. He says I was not asking you. The family have a talk. Jayshree asks her daughter Jahnvi to tell Bua ji’s birthday party theme. Jahnvi says Dada ji shall we call Phupaji in party. He says yes, why not, I will ask him if he wants to come. Jahnvi tells Yamini that they can make Bua ji cut the cake. She says stop it, Dada ji will get angry. He says cake and all is not a part of our traditions. Jahnvi says everyone cut cakes these days. Dada ji says I want to say I don’t like all this and explains her.

She says you light candles and blow it, but we have diyas which we don’t blow, its bad sign to blow it off, so I don’t like it. Jahnvi says yes. LD asks Govind to have food. Shambu says its call from Mathura. Sadhna takes the call and says Jayshree she will call later. Ld recalls her left his phone at Radha’s home. Radha comes to give his phone. Jayshree hears them and asks Sadhna who is this girl. Sadhna says someone came from neighborhood. She ends the call. Jayshree gets a doubt. Radha says she wants to talk to them. She comes inside the house and talks to Sadhna. Govind asks what will she talk now, at this time. Radha says its imp so I came at this time, but…. I want to talk in private. LD looks on.

The constable thinks Radha is a wrong girl and is arresting her. LD holds his hand and defends Radha.

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