Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD asking Radha until when she will play her games and threatens to inform Kabir about their marriage truth. Shivani comes and asks Radha to stop him. LD says I don’t care. Let him do whatever he wants. Shivani asks can’t you feel anything. Radha says you will not understand. Shivani says she understands everything. I can’t let you throw you in this love which will give you pain. Neha makes fun of Jayshree and says you have proved to be a fool today. Jayshree shouts. Neha asks her not to shout and reminds of her current status. Jayshree asks her to be in limits. Neha says she is just acting as a servant, but Radha will make you real servant. She shows the list which Radha puts forth for them to follow. Jayshree reads the rules, which Dada ji ruled in the house. She thinks this is old man’s regulations and tears the papers saying she won’t follow the list. Neha asks her to follow Radha’s condition and enjoy for free.

Neha threatens her that she will inform everyone that she helped her enter the house as Chaturi. They think to make fun of each other. Radha sees Chaturi/Neha coming out of Jayshree’s room and asks her to stop. Jayshree gets tensed. Radha says I never saw you working in the house, but it will not be same. Now you will have to work. Neha says she will work. Jayshree laughs. Radha reminds Jayshree of her conditions and asks her to do according to her conditions. She asks Jayshree to make arrangements for Sandhya aarti and badam halwa. Jayshree recalls that it is Dada ji’s rule. Radha asks Chaturi to wash all the temple’s utensils. Neha is irked. Radha walks off. Neha turns to Jayshree and looks angrily.

Jayshree thinks Radha is doing the same thing with her. She has to do something. Dadi Bua thinks why Radha is doing all this. She is relieved thinking their house will not go in stranger hands. Sadhna comes and says Radha is concerned for this house. She says I have a request. Dadi Bua says she don’t want to see Radha’s face daily and will leave the house with Dada ji. Sadhna tells that Radha’s intentions are good. Shivani thinks what to reply to Kabir. Banwari and Murli say that they are trapped. Murli says Radha splashed water on his plans to unite with Neha. Sadhna asks Dadi Bua to convince Govind to stay back. Dadi Bua nods.

Shivani comes to meet Kabir. LD is already sitting with him. Kabir throws the glass and says he will teach her a lesson, just wait and watch. Shivani thinks it seems LD told him everything and thinks to leave. Kabir calls her and asks her to come inside. He asks why you are going without meeting me. Shivani says nothing. Kabir says he needs to talk to her about something important. Shivani looks tensed. Sadhna praises Radha for her work. Radha says she gets strength with her support. Sadhna says even Kanha ji is with you. She says Govind agreed to stay in the house. Shivani says she wants to say something. She asks him not to trust LD and says he is a liar. Kabir asks what the hell you are talking about. Shivani says Radha is not bad. Kabir asks are you drunk? He says he will call Radha. Radha gets Kabir’s call. Sadhna asks her to pick the call. Radha picks the call and says hello. Kabir says my heroine can’t betray me else I will shoot her. Radha is shocked and asks what you are saying?

Kabir says he won’t leave the journalist for raising finger on her. He told that you are on steroids. Radha thanks him. Shivani thinks LD didn’t say anything and apologizes to him. Kabir asks are you taking medicines on time. Shivani says she told LD spreads false rumour about Radha. Sadhna tells Radha that she stopped LD from informing Kabir. She says he agreed on a condition. A flashback is shown. Sadhna thanks the Lord. LD says Radha Pathak has snatched our home after betraying us. Sadhna says Radha did a big favour on all of us. We all know that Dada ji is attached emotionally to this house. She says Radha lied, but for us. LD says he can’t trust on Radha. Sadhna says Radha saved this house to go in stranger’s house. She says she trusts her a lot. LD says I wants to trust on your trust, but is scared to fall down. LD says he is ready to give her a time. He gives her two weeks time to prove that she came back for betterment of the house, else she has to leave. Radha looks on.

Neha shows house orginal papers to Jayshree and says they shall burn it. Jayshree snatches the file and it falls down. Radha comes and sees them fighting for file.

Update Credit to: Amena

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