Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Neha asking Abhishek to upload Jhanvi’s MMS on internet to ruin Chaturvedi’s respect. Abhishek plays the recording and everyone is shocked to see Neha boasting about her plan to ruin Chaturvedi family, and revealing her true intentions. Neha asks Abhishek, where is that MMS. Abhishek tells her that he was never with her in the plan, and assured LD that he will get the MMS and its copies from her. He says he has been keeping an eye on her and got the MMS copies. He says their relation had broken when she made MMS on him. Neha says you are my brother, how can you betray me. Abhishek says he has realize Chaturvedi family goodness and can clearly see her selfishness. He says you never loved Murli and was using him to get his house. I couldn’t see you ruining a girl’s respect for taking revenge unneccessarily.

LD tells that Abhishek came to him and told that he will get the proof. Abhishek says only you are wrong. Neha blames them for snatching her brother. Radha says Abhishek is not a child and took his own decision. Murli says you are so selfish that you can’t love anyone except yourself. He feels bad for hurting his family and wife for her. Neha says I love you still and you can’t leave me for this low class woman. Murli slaps her. The Police come and arrests her for blackmailing Chaturvedi family. Jayshree asks the Inspector to take her. Neha says I went away from Murli after his marriage. Jayshree came to me and told that Murli loves me even now. She promised me that Murli will be mine if I accept her proposal. She says she made me enter the house as Chaturi, as she wants to break Sadhna’s family. Jayshree is shocked. Everyone looks on. Neha says she wanted to steal Radha’s money, and has ruined the family. She exposes Jayshree, and says she wanted to sell the house and get the money. Once Police takes Neha. Jayshree tells that Neha is lying.

Banwari says we didn’t know that you will stoop to such a low level. Jayshree says you trust Neha and not me. Banwari says if Neha’s words comes true then I will not talk to you all our live. Sadhna hugs Radha and LD, and says I know that our house is safe from ruining because of you both. Murli cries and apologizes to Sadhna with folded hands for blaming and accusing her always. Murli apologizes to Govind also, and hugs him. They forgive him. Govind says you are my ego always. Sadhna asks him to apologize to Shyamali. Radha and LD smiles. Murli goes to Shyamali, and bends on his knees. He then holds her hands and apologizes to her. Shyamali says you couldn’t see my love before, but now it is too late. She asks him to prove his love for her. Murli says I have no complaints with you, and I will prove my love to you.

Abhishek tells Jhanvi that he loves her. Jhanvi says don’t know if her parents accept him or not. Banwari says he approves their love. Jayshree looks on. Radha asks her to accept Abhishek for Jhanvi. LD says Abhishek is perfect for Jhanvi. Jayshree agrees and blesses them. Jhanvi thanks Radha and hugs her. Radha looks on happily.

Jayshree tells that Dada ji took Radha’s chacha help to break their alliance. LD doesn’t believe her. Dada ji comes and says Jayshree is saying truth. LD and others are shocked to see Dada ji standing on his feet, sound and fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. wooow dadaji…

  2. So i expect itz gonna end soon!
    but i must neva goes off d track..its az gud az it was on its first day!?

  3. Gonna miss dis serial soo mucchh. Love dis serial yarr it is too romantic ???…….????

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  5. Luv u ld and radha love this show eager to see tomorrow’s ep is this show gonna finish i heard mahakumbh is finishing and roshni is starting pls dont finish this show its my favorite

  6. Loved the pair of Radha n LD..
    Hope to see them back together in any new show.. 🙂
    Will miss this show a lot.. 🙁 🙂

  7. I just love ❤ this serial I am gonna miss ld and radha so much

  8. I got info that radha is not finishing

  9. really gonna miss this show and hope seeing LeeRa again 🙁 🙁 🙂

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