Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD saying why would he frame himself in the prank by being the groom, it was not intentional marriage. It starts raining, and he holds her. He says you can punish me, but lets end this matter. A lady sees them together and says romance in open. She asks Radha how is she, her mum said its all lie, then what is she doing with him. She asks LD to see them. She says that is why I can never forgive. She leaves. Mere sawaalon ka jawaab do……………..plays…………….. Jayshree makes Chameli call Shambu. Govind and Sadhna reach there. Shambu takes their bags inside and does not receive the call. Chameli says she has work and leaves. Jayshree says how to find out whats happening there.

LD meets his parents and bows down. Govind asks him to say what happened here, did he fight of hit anyone with bike, what did he do. LD says I have done marriage. Govind and Sadhna are shocked. Radha comes in present and tells Renuka that she felt when both side’s parents meet, the problem will solve, but it did not happen. Renuka says one should accept change in life, and asks what happened then. Govind and Sadhna talk to Radha’s mum and uncles. He says we have not come to take things ahead, LD did a mistake and we regret. He asks what does he want. Rakesh greets him and taunts LD.

Govind says lets go, its waste to talk to them. Suhasini says its not a small thing, you will talk for 5 mins and we can solve it, fine you tell us the solution, do you have it. She says it’s a big issue here, my husband got unwell, I m hearing the world’s taunts, but you won’t understand it, as it did not happen with your daughter. Sadhna says I don’t have daughter, but I m someone’s daughter, so I understand. Govind says we can talk peacefully. Rakesh makes him angry. LD misbehaves with him and Radha enters to hear them. Rakesh says he will give the solution, as the marriage is done, but they will do the vidaai now.

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Govind asks what does he mean. Rakesh says Radha is your bahu now, and they have to take her, and she should do grahpravesh there in his house. Radha is stunned. LD looks at Radha. Suhasini says what he is saying is right, even I want this. Govind says what are you saying, you want to give this marriage real meaning. Suhasini says this marriage is done by all rituals. Radha comes and Govind and Sadhna see her. Govind recalls her insulting LD before. Radha says mum you know what happened there, how can she say this. Rakesh says they are elders and they will decide. Radha says how can he decide her future without asking her. Suhasini asks Radha to come with her. Radha cries. She argues and says she can’t accept this decision.

She says you know I have to do many things for you, Rupa and dad. Suhasini says what I told there is after lots of thinking, I know your dreams, but you know what happened with your dad.She says you won’t say anything if you care for our respect. LD asks Rakesh not to threaten him, he did a mistake, s he should be punished, they will talk to his parents well. Sadhna and Govind scold LD. Sadhna asks him to go inside the room, and not come till the elders take any decision. LD comes and sees Radha crying.

LD talks to her and gives her water. She drinks water. He looks at her while they wait in the same room. Sadhna says we should not take the decision so soon, and how can we decide without their wish, do you think your daughter will be happy, we are trying to save our respect, but we can regret later. Suhasini says saying is easy, but you know we live is society and have to obey its rules. She says especially girls, the society questions girls a lot, not boys. She asks if they get proposal for LD from a girl whose wedding video is seen by the world, will they make LD marry such girl. She says she is doing this for Radha’s future. Radha says what is she saying, and slips. LD holds her and they have an eyelock. Music plays…………..

LD says Radha what is she thinking ig not fill truth. Rakesh asks them to think for 24 hours, else next meeting will be in court. Govind says if we go in court, LD will lose respect. Rakesh asks him to then worry. LD says he is going out, as he has heard enough. Govind says he will not be afraid of their threatening. He asks Rakesh to sit quiet, as he has heard them talking. He says if Suhasini feels this is the solution, that Radha and he accepts this marriage and stay as husband and wife, then he accepts this decision. Radha is shocked.

Radha says she wants to talk to Govind and Sadhna in private.

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