Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 7th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 7th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha and Jhanvi opening the door and seeing LD. LD asks them about the MMS issue, and says he has a doubt on them that they are hiding something from him. Jhanvi says Radha didn’t do anything wrong, and she goes. Radha tells LD that Jhanvi and Abhishek came close, and Neha made their intimacy video. LD gets angry and calls Jhanvi. Radha tells that she did it in childishness. LD says she should be punished for this bad doing. Radha says that’s why I didn’t tell you. LD fumes and says he won’t leave Neha and Abhishek. Radha says Neha will leak the MMS if they do anything. She says we have to do as Neha says. LD says we shall tell Murli about Neha’s truth. Radha says we can’t get anything till we get that MMS. LD says once he gets that MMS video, he will teach a lesson to Neha. Radha says as we are together, no one can do ruin our family, not even Neha. Neha calls Chameli and asks her to clean the house till evening, as her wedding is after 2 days. She calls the decorators and asks to decorate her wedding. Shyamali comes and tells Chameli to give Dadi Bua’ medicines. Neha asks Chameli to work first. She insults Shyamali and asks her to leave the house. Sadhna comes and supports Shyamali.

Neha insults her too and talks badly. Shyamali goes to give medicine to Dadi Bua. Neha thinks to quiet Shyamali, and she spills oil on the stairs to make Shyamali fall. Just then Murli comes. Neha thinks how to stop him. Shyamali comes and stops Murli and falls down. Murli shouts Shyamali. Neha gets happy. Murli asks Shyamali, why did she stop him from falling? Shyamali says she has taken 7 pheras with him and remembers the promises. Murli is touched by her gesture. Neha taunts and badmouths about Shyamali. She tells Murli that Shyamali is trapping him and put oil herself. She calls her shameless woman. Murli tells Shyamali couldn’t do anything like that, and says it is you, who have done it. He says when I was in trouble, Shyamali saved me, and you was just standing with cloth soaked in oil. He says I love you, but you want me to change. He says you don’t love me, but just pretend to love me. He says Shyamali loves me trully. If you have so many objections, then why don’t you leave this house and go.

Murli says Shyamali accepted me the way I am, but I never saw her with love. He apologizes to Neha, and says he can’t leave her. He asks Neha to leave their house, and never come back. Neha claps and says everyone is teary eyed now. Everyone might be thinking that Neha is mad for Murli, and he betrayed her. She laughs, and says my game starts from here. She says you all will see, how I snatches this house from you. Sadhna is shocked. Neha asks Sadhna to keep her shock expressions with her till she gets the house. She asks Radha to transfer the house in her name by evening. Jayshree asks have you gone mad? Why will Radha transfer house in your name. Neha says Jhanvi will answer for this question. She asks Radha to get the papers ready till evening and goes. Murli asks what Neha was saying? LD tells she played a big game. Radha says I hide a big thing from you. A flashback is shown, where in Neha blackmails Radha, and shows her MMS. She asks her to help her enter house as Murli’s wife. FB ends. Everyone is shocked. Dada ji asks Radha, what will happen now? Radha says I will not let any bad remark come on Jhanvi’s name. Right now, we have to name this house on Neha’s name.

Radha tells Dada ji that they need his signatures to transfer the house on Neha’s name. Sadhna tells Dada ji that she knows his attachment for this house, but it is needed to save Jhanvi’s respect. Dada ji signs on the papers. Neha says time has come to show them their place. Abhishek boasts about his sister. Neha laughs and says MMS will be leaked in sometime. Then she will see how Chaturvedi’s cry. She asks him to upload the MMS on internet and send on Chaturvedi’s mobiles. Abhishek looks on.

Neha gets house papers and asks Abhishek to upload that MMS on internet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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