Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

UpdateThe Episode starts with Shivani coming to LD’s flat to find out about LD’s girlfriend. She is shocked to see Radha’s photos all around his house. LD helps Radha go to washroom. Radha comes out after freshening up. LD brings her back to room and makes her rest on bed. He looks for pain relieving balm. LD says he knows as it is his room. Radha says it is mine too. Mere Rang Me plays…………..He looks on and gives the balm to Radha. She thanks him and thinks to call Shivani.

Shivani is in the flat and thinks if Radha gets to know about it then she will have false hope. She thinks to lie to Radha. She asks why Radha is here, as she can do anything for LD and her love. She says you have to decide whether to tell the truth to Radha or not. She messages Radha that there is someone in LD’s life and he loves her very much. Radha is hurt and cries. She asks whether that girl is good and suitable to LD. Shivani messages her that the girl is very good and is like your reflection. Radha cries. Main Tenu Samjhawa Ji………….plays while Radha recalls their sweet and fighting moments. She thinks of the happy lovely moments with him. She wipes her tears and is sad.

LD comes and asks do you want to go to doctor. Radha says she is hurt, so what? LD asks what? Radha asks him to leave her alone. LD says fine and lie down on the bed. Radha continues to cry. LD brings water for her. She drinks it. Radha thinks whoever gave her pain, is applying balm on her wounds.

Dadi Bua comes to Dada ji and says there is some work. She says she needs his signatures on some papers. Dada ji asks what? Jayshree comes and asks about his health. She gives stamp to Dadi Bua and eyes her angrily. Dadi Bua gets helpless and takes Dada ji’s thump impression. Jayshree gets happy and thinks she has become crorepati. Dada ji looks on surprised. Dadi Bua gives the papers to Jayshree and asks her to keep it safely. Jayshree takes the papers and leaves.

Shivani thinks she lied, but she didn’t have any other way out. She asks Radha, whether Dada ji signs on the papers. Radha says Jayshree will do something. Neha and LD are on the way to meet Sardar. Neha assures LD that she is their family’s well wisher. She says she tried to make Murli understand to be happy with Shyamali, but he said he loves me much and is helpless. LD hears her silently and stops the car. He asks about Sardar’s office address. Shivani tells that everyone needs money and are same. Radha says I too thought like this before, but LD made me understand family strength. I have to wake up their inner self. Neha and LD come to the office. Neha says she has doubt on Sardar. LD says Murli’s share will be safe.

Radha’s assistant tells him that Neha is coming with LD. Shivani hides. Radha wears the moustache and sits down. LD comes and says we came to talk about the deal. Radha’s moustache fell down. She tries to set it right. LD asks about Sardar and asks his assistant to call him. She goes out hidingly then comes as Sardar. LD looks on surprisingly. Neha asks why did you cover your face with handkerchief. Sardar says she can’t bear pollution. LD asks have you decided to buy Chaturvedi Nivas. Sardar says he has decided. LD says he has a condition. Radha/Sardar says she don’t want to buy.

Just then Jayshree comes and thinks to give dose to Neha. She asks LD, whether you wants to acquire everything alone. LD tries to say. Sardar cancels the deal. LD asks Sardar to come to the point. She asks how much do you need? LD says 7 crores. Sardar accepts the deal and leaves. Jayshree gets irked and asks LD to sign on the papers.

Radha asks LD why did you sign if you are so hurt. She says I bought it as you have sold. LD asks her to stop manipulating and says he will tell everyone about her being Sardar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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