Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 6th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha and LD reaching at the meeting and are stopped by the media for questioning. Radha stumbles and LD holds her. They have an eye lock. The media clicks their photos. Kabir comes and tells LD that he waits for a chance to touch his heroine, else he wants to become famous. Radha says please think before commenting. LD stops Radha and says he don’t need a chance to touch her, as Radha is still his wife. Radha smiles. Kabir eats the dust. Radha says lets go to meeting. Jayshree thinks how to deal with Pratap, and says she can’t let him play with Jhanvi’s life. Just then she gets Pratap’s call. She picks the call and talks sweetly. Pratap asks her to welcome him, and he is coming to Chaturvedi Niwas with the gifts. Jayshree says this alliance can’t happen. Pratap disconnects the call. Jayshree thinks of an idea. Neha takes out suit from her suitcase. Abhishek asks if jiju will wear this kind of clothes. Neha says don’t tell like that. Abhishek asks will you be happy with boring man. Neha says he will wear this clothes and will take me for dinner also. Abhishek says all the best. Neha thinks after 1 week, this house will be hers and Murli too, and then she will change both. Murli comes there and may be hears them. Abhishek goes. He sees the clothes. Neha says it is for you, and asks him to try. Murli refuses to wear such type of clothes. She convinces him with her emotional blackmail. Murli sees her upset and agrees to wear the clothes.

Jayshree comes to meet Pratap in the hotel. She requests him not to force her to fix Jhanvi’s alliance with his son. She tells no one in her family will agree to Jhanvi’s alliance with his son. She says she will inform her family once everything gets finalized. Pratap agrees. Jayshree thinks thank God and assures him. Sadhna is seen spying on them. She thinks why did Jayshree agreed? What is the secret? She decides to find out, and thinks they want to break home. She thinks to talk to Dada ji immediately. LD says sorry to Radha for replying to Kabir. Radha says it was good that you gave a good reply to him. She says I didn’t see new LD saying sorry. She asks can I start taking credit to bring back old LD. LD smiles and says you have become aunty, but I am still a boy. They laugh.

Sadhna tells Dada ji whatever she heard. Dada ji is convinced of Jayshree and Pratap’s association. Sadhna tells that Pratap sent alliance for his son. She tells Jayshree is afraid of Pratap because of some reasons. She couldn’t refuse Pratap. Dada ji says there might be some fear because of which she is afraid. He wonders what might be the reason? She concludes that 1 year ago, whatever had happened in our home……..if there is Jayshree behind that. Sadhna says even she is feeling the same. Dada ji prays to Kanha ji. He says we have to reach to truth, and for this I have a plan. He says he will know the truth within 2 days, and it will bring LD and Radha together. He thanks the God for showing him the way and asks to fulfill his wish.

Murli tells Neha that they shall bend their head towards the Lord after the Sandhya aarti. Neha says is it necessary. Murli says yes. Sadhna comes and sees Murli dressed up well. She praises his clothing style and gives credit to Neha. Sadhna gives aarti to Radha and leaves. Shyamali comes and saves Murli from burning his finger. Shyamali’s finger gets slighty burn. Murli caresses her finger and blows on it. Neha looks on. Shyamali tells Murli that he should not have changed his clothing and explains to him. Radha tells Murli will understand her love soon. Neha thinks it is limit as Murli didn’t turn up, as they are going to give invitation to friends. Murli comes. Neha says they will buy big SUV and sell this old car. Murli is lost in thinking. Neha says you don’t have class or fashion, and you people still living in 20th century. I will change everything, and I will get luxurious life after marriage. You don’t need to do anything. She asks him to sit in the car. She thinks why he is so silent, may be he is thinking about Shyamali.

Radha tells Jhanvi that Neha will not return till 2 hours so they shall search for the MMS video in her room. They get a CD in her room. Radha says lets’ check. They open the door and see LD standing. They get shocked. LD says this CD is blank.

Radha tells LD that they will find this solution together and no one can fail them. Neha makes Shyamali fall down the stairs. Murli witness the scene and shouts Shyamali.

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