Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani asking Radha about the girl in LD’s life. Radha says she doesn’t know. They see Neha coming and meeting LD. Radha thinks there must be something going on in her mind. LD asks why did you call me here? Neha says you don’t trust me, but take my words seriously. She sits in his car. Shivani asks Radha to go and she will follow her. LD tells that he will be back and gets something from his car. Radha hides. Sadhna comes to Bua ji and asks why you didn’t come for the aarti. She says we can’t back off from our responsibility until we are here. Dadi Bua looks helpless. Sadhna asks how can you talk about selling the house. You are daughter of this house and loves the house much. She asks for the answers. She keeps her hand on her head and asks her to say. Dadi Bua takes back her hand and says you said right that I am daughter of this house. I can’t see two brothers fighting daily. She says there are new days left for me and Dada ji. I want to stay in peace. Sadhna couldn’t believe her and wipes her tears. She says I know that you are hiding something from me.

Radha keeps an eye on LD and Neha. Neha tells something to LD. Radha tries to hear them. Shivani says she can read lips. She says Neha is taking your name. She tells that Neha is talking about pagdi. Radha says I have to interrupt them and goes to them. She asks why you are here with Neha. LD says that is none of your business. Neha thanks LD and says she shall leave now. Neha leaves. LD asks Radha why you are following me. Don’t try to act like my wife. Shivani comes and says I brought the phone which you got for LD. Radha understands and gives phone to LD. Shivani picks LD’s flat keys from the table and asks LD to see the new phone chosen by Radha. LD asks are you serious? Radha says yes. LD asks her to keep phone with her as he doesn’t need her charity. He says I am going home and offers to drop her. Radha goes.

Shyamali talks on phone and is about to fill her maang with sindoor. Murli comes and stops her asking why she is pretending to be his wife. Shyamali tells that she is his legally wedded wife. Murli asks her to forget sindoor and right to be his wife. He says this sindoor looks good on Neha and is about to take the sindoor box, just then Sadhna comes and stops him. Sadhna asks Shyamali not to waste her precious tears because of Murli. She gives him sindoor box and says you can give it to Neha, but it will look good in Shyamali’s maang. It will only be gulaal in Neha’s maang without marriage. She asks Shyamali to give anything which Murli asks for. Radha and LD are in the car. Radha asks him to drive slowly. Radha thinks she has to get LD busy as they have stolen LD’s flat keys.

Jayshree is restless and she has to take LD’s signatures. She thinks to see if he comes back home. Jhanvi thinks it is good that mummy went from here. Banwari asks where you are going? Jhanvi asks him to sleep as it doesn’t matter to him if she goes anywhere. Radha and LD come home. LD says Kabir asked me to keep an eye on you. Radha is walking looking at her phone and gets hurt. She shouts in pain. She reminisces happy moments with him. LD asks her to be careful. Radha says she needs to go to washroom. Radha tries to walk. Shivani enters LD’s flat and gets scared thinking of ghost. She collides with some painting and switches on the lights to see it. She is shocked to see the painting. LD holds Radha in his arms and starts walking. Mere Sawalon Ka plays……….Shivani looks at the painting and is in shock.

Radha’s assistant tells her that Neha is coming with LD. Radha gets shocked seeing him there in Sardar’s office.

Update Credit to: Amena

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