Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the principal asking Radha what did she do with Ld, that made him do this with her. Radha says what LD did is big prank, how can any guy do this, its serious matter and he should get punished. LD says its not Radha’s mistake. The principal says if he accepts the mistake, he feels they will leave him, and asks for his parents number to inform. LD is shocked. Dada ji calculates before the calculator and the guy praises him. Dada ji says a person’s mind is the biggest device for him, and this toys are made to ruin the new generation, if you have given input in school, you would have done this too. He says no one can compete him in his good points. He asks Govind to check accounts and tally.

Jayshree hears Govind and Dada ji talking about Sadhna. She talks to Chameli and says she is worried, something has happened there. Chameli says she knows she is not worried about LD, but she needs a spicy news to take down Sadhna. She says she wants to talk to Shambu. Jayshree says if she finds out, then she will give her a new mobile. LD says sorry Mam, don’t bring my family in between. Radha says what about my family. Suhasini scolds LD. The principal asks them to relax and calls LD’s home. Dada ji takes the call. LD is asked to talk. LD cuts the call, shocking everyone. Jayshree asks who was it. Dada ji says don’t know, they did not say anything, I m thinking to cut this telephone line. He leaves. Jayshree thinks go to jungle to live then.

The principal says how dare you do this. LD says he is not afraid of family, but does not want them to get hurt, please don’t involve them, you can punish me. The principal calls again. Bua Dadi says she does not like to celebrate her birthday. Jayshree thinks she wants to celebrate and showing as if she is very straight. She tells Bua Dadi that they will celebrate it well. Govind takes the call. The principal says she wants to talk about LD, its serious. Govind asks what is the matter. She says you have to come Mumbai soon, I can’t tell on phone. She says its about your son’s studies and future. Govind says we will come tomorrow. The principal asks Suhasini to meet LD”s parents tomorrow. Radha tells her uncle that LD is from Mathura. Suhasini asks the principal to suspend LD. Rakesh says no, get him rusticated.

LD asks how can he tell this. The principal says this can be only punishment, and rusticates him. Dada ji asks how did they call suddenly. Govind says they called us for teacher parent meeting. He says Sadhna and I will leave for Mumbai tomorrow. Dada ji says if this happens next year, they would have said few days ago. Sadhna says their letter came, but I forgot to say. Dada ji says fine, you gom but come back before your Bua’s birthday. Govind says fine and leaves. Sadhna says I will just come. Jayshree thinks it means my calculation was right.

Govind shares his worry with Sadhna, it’s a big matter there. Sadhna asks him to calm down, she will call LD and find out. He says fine, I m going bank to get some money, maybe we will need it. Jayshree hides seeing them leave. She says it means my doubt was correct, I will find out now. LD walks on the road. A man comes to know and sees him upset. He tells about wine, which erases all pain. He says the good thing is you realize your pain. Sadhna calls LD. She asks whats the matter. LD says I did a big mistake, I promise I will make everything fine, just come here, don’t worry. Sadhna says we will reach tomorrow, take care. Radha is upset at home.

Radha’s uncle suggests some solution to Suhasini. Radha goes out for shopping. She falls by some stone. LD comes there and she gets angry seeing him. She tells about her family’s pain, and their involvement. He says I m sorry, I can help. She says leave us, please, and mistake can’t be forgiven if you say sorry, you might be happy by taking revenge from me, making fun of me, you can go and celebrate with your friends. LD says he is saying sorry from heart, please lets end it. Radha says you stop it please. She says I m sure someone will be recording this, put this on internet, you all will be happy. LD asks her to say anything else too. Radha asks what do you mean. LD says I mean I know your anger is justified. I accept my mistake and I m saying sorry, I m also stuck in this, if I did this intentionally, would I be the groom, why would I trap myself. She looks at him.

Rakesh tells LD’s parents that the marriage is done and Radha is their bahu now, and they will do her Vidaai.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. he is so cute radha plzzz forgive n marry him n u are cute too

  2. lov u ld
    stupid radha how dare u call him miss leela
    he is so cute

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