Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 3rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 3rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha being tensed seeing the same pandit. Vishal’s parents asks the pandit to match their kundlis. Suhasini is shocked too and recalls Radha’s marriage. The pandit says you… if I have to match this girl’s kundli, then I m sorry, I can’t do this, as I don’t match married woman kundlis. Radha’s dad asks what is he saying. Radha’s uncle asks what is he saying. The pandit says he has done her marriage just hours ago. They are shocked. Radha’s dad says you scared me, actually it was an ad film shooting, not a real marriage. He says pandit ji is mistaken, and says Radha is a budding actress and went for an ad film shooting. Suhasini says yes, it was just a shooting, it was fake.

The pandit asks what type of mum she is, she has done kanyadaan and saying its fake marriage. Radha says the mum’s role actress did not come that’s why. Suhasini says no, calm down, it was not a joke. The pandit says it was not a joke, Radha got married by all rituals. He says he can’t do sin of doing her second marriage. Radha says pandit is not saying right. Vishal’s mum scolds her for talking between elders, and says lie can’t be true. Radha scolds the pandit. Vishal’s mum says she has such big tongue and bad values. Radha argues with her. Suhasini folds hands. Vishal’s mum scolds her. Suhasini says she will get LD here who stays infront of our house, he was joking. Vishal’s mum says maybe they were having an affair and got married in hurry after doing some mistake. Radha gets angry and asks them to leave.

Vishal scolds her and Radha calls him cheap mentality guy. Vishal’s mum says they will tell everyone that Radha is charaterless. They leave. Radha takes Rupa inside. Radha’s uncles scold Suhansini for promoting Radha’s acting dreams. Radha’s dad says enough, I don’t need to say anything, my Radha is my pride. His brother says what happened today is not right. He scplds them for making Radha marry an uneducated guy. Rakesh says he is doing good for them. Radha’s dad asks them to leave him on his state and coughs. Radha comes and worries for him. Radha’s dad asks Suhasini what happened here. Radha asks him not to be hyper.

Radha’s dad recalls their taunts and faints. The doctor checks him and says no need to worry, his BP was high because of stress, but be careful, he has diabetics. LD smokes and thinks about Radha, thinking he should go and talk to them, that his intentions were not wrong. LD ccomes there and sees Radha talking to doctor. He thinks why did doctor come, I hope everything is fine, did this happen because of me, she will get angry seeing me now, but I have to talk to her. Radha goes.

Radha comes in present and tells Renuka that she was very angry on herself. Renuka says it was not your mistake. Radha says people were behaving as if we did a big sin. Renuka consoles her. Radha says no one understood it was a prank and she was a victim in this. The neighbors come to Suhasini and says they have seen the marriage video of Radha. They ask Radha not to hide anything now. Radha is shocked. They ask Radha to check video on internet as the whole society has seen it, and Suhasini did the kanyadaan in it. Nisha comes and takes Radha. She says its true, even I have seen that video. Radha sees the video in her phone and is shocked.

She says how can LD do this, what does he want by uploading video on net. LD tells his friends that there is something wrong going at Radha’s home and asks Shambu to find out why doctor came there. Radha’s uncle also find Radha wrong, and believe Radha and LD have some affair. Radha asks everyone to leave. Suhasini says LD did all this, I will not leave him. She asks Nisha to come along. LD’s friend Mukul tells LD that he has to tell something. LD gets a call from Sadhna and talks to her. She says she was worried since morning. LD says yes, I m sorry for not calling. She asks did anything happen there. LD says no, I don’t lie to you, I will talk later and ends the call. Jayshree looks on.

Jayshree comes to Sadhna and asks what happened. Sadhna says nothing and goes. Jayshree asks Chameli to find out whats going on in Mumbai and gives her phone. Chameli is shocked. Suhasini comes to LD and scolds him. LD says it was just a prank, I m sorry, lets end it here. Nisha says don’t act innocent. LD says its not a big thing, let me handle this. Suhasini yells telling him what he has done by uploading the video and making fun of Radha. LD is shocked.

Radha is being bullied by guys in college. LD comes there and beats the guy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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