Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Inspector telling the allegations against Dada ji’s family and says I have to arrests you all. He handcuffs Govind. Jayshree says we are respectable people, you can’t handcuffs us like this. They arrest Sadhna, LD, Murli and Shyamali. Dada ji gets shocked seeing LD arrested along with his family. Sadhna cries and tells that her bahu can’t do this. The Inspector asks to take them. LD asks them not to worry. Buaji asks Banwari to do something. Rakesh tells Dada ji that he continued his planning and says did you see the result to mess with us. Dada ji gets shocked and gets a heart attack. He falls down. Everyone rush to her. Dada ji tells Radha…..and falls unconscious. Radha is seen driving scooty and is on the way.

At the Police station, Sadhna asks LD to have patience. Murli says she betrayed us. LD says Radha might come here in sometime. The Inspector tortures Govind and insults him. Govind feels helpless. The Inspector asks him to accept the crime. Govind refuses. The Inspector slaps him hard. LD and Murli get angry. Murli asks the Constable to open the door. The Inspector comes to Murli and starts beating him. Sadhna asks him not to beat her son. LD warns the Inspector. The Inspector asks him to put his finger down else.

LD asks where are you Radha. The Inspector says you can’t get bailed. Banwari says you knows us well. Banwari says our bahu is not here. Radha comes there and calls LD and Sadhna. She asks why did you arrested my family. Shyamali says they are saying that you filed FIR against us. Radha is shocked and says it is a nonsence. She says it is a misunderstanding. Murli says she is lying and wants to ruin our life. Radha asks why did I filed the complaint and when I come to you. Banwari says everything is wrong. Rakesh comes and says this complaint is right. Radha is shocked. Rakesh asks her not to worry. She tells Inspector that she didn’t do any complaint. She can’t complain against her family. Rakesh tells that they will be jailed and says your parents are not here. Think what they have done to your family. Radha asks him not to touch her and asks him to leave. The Inspector asks Rakesh to leave and then asks Radha what is this drama. Radha says they didn’t do anything wrong with me. It is my Chacha’s plan. LD says they are fraud. The Inspector shows Radha’s sign. Radha is shocked to see her signatures. She recalls Dada ji taking her signatures on the pretext of taking signatures of marriage registration form. She wonders how these papers land up with Rakesh.

Dadi bua cries. Jayshree asks her not to worry. Doctor comes to check Dada ji. Jayshree opens the room door and finds him missing. She informs everyone that Dada ji is not in his room. They get tensed. The Inspector asks Radha to tell that these signatures are not hers. Radha cries and stays silent. LD and everyone ask her to reply. Murli calls her betrayal and says she took revenge from us. LD asks to give her a chance to speak up and asks Radha to tell. He says this signatures can’t be of yours. Radha continues to cry. She recalls Dada ji accepting her and blessing them. She recalls Dada ji taking her signatures and says she wants to talk with someone. Everyone calls for her. Radha leaves from the Police station. Dada ji is on the way to the Police station and feels pain. He prays to God to help him protect Radha and everyone. He tells that he can’t live taking her curses.

Radha meets Rakesh and asks what do you want? Why you are after my family. First you looted my parents and then you are ruining my family. Rakesh asks her to be in her limits and says he was called here to Mathura by Dada ji. He didn’t want you to get married to LD. Radha says so, he called you and you strike the deal. Rakesh says we can deal with you. Everything was perfect, but then that old man asked us to let the marriage happen. He asks Radha to name the land in his name. Radha asks what? Rakesh says old man was planning big and wanted to prove that you are fraud. Radha is shocked.

Sudhakar shouts for help. The goon asks him not to shout else he will make him quiet. Sudhakar says you might be misunderstanding. He tells Sudhakar that he is kidnapped because of Dada ji. Sudhakar is shocked. Rakesh asks Radha to give the land and strike the deal. Radha cries. Dada ji in extreme pain tries to walk and reaches the Police station. Radha sees car coming from the other way and is about to hit Dada ji. She gets shocked.

Sadhna asks Radha to say something and asks why you are not talking to us. Radha gets inside the lock up and looks at LD and Sadhna. LD looks angrily at her and leaves from there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh god..!!
    Now misunderstanding will arise between Radha n LD.. 🙁 🙁

  2. As usual
    Ld vl start hatin radha
    N radha vl keep on tryin to convince him

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