Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi Bua informing Suhasini and Radha that she has decided to start Radha’s test from today onwards. Radha gets tensed. She forbids Suhasini and Jayshree from going to kitchen. Suhasini says but. Dadi Bua asks her not to worry. She asks for Jayshree’s opinion. Jayshree says yes. Radha agrees to cook for dinner. Dadi Bua asks Radha to make lunch first before 2:30 pm Radha gets shocked. She says they made special food during the festival. Suhasini says how will Radha make food for so many people in such a short time. Jayshree says she will give the list. Radha gets worried and thinks LD made her TV bahu. LD comes to shop. Banwari asks did you forget the way? Govind says he will come to shop from today. He asks Murli to show the work to LD. LD gets tensed thinking about sales.

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Govind asks him to learn selling the items. Banwari asks LD to sit with him and learn something. Some ladies come and asks Banwari to show the bangles. He asks LD to show the new boxes. LD brings the box. The ladies say that the salesman seems to be new. LD shows the bangles to the ladies and takes them in his words. He tells them that it is Priyanka’s jhumkas. He sells the jewellery.

Jayshree tells a number of things to be made. Suhasini thinks nothing is left and taunts Jayshree to say more. Jayshree laughs and says that she likes Gajar ka halwa. Dadi Bua asks Radha to make the sweets along with food. Radha asks Jayshree, did you make all these things when you got married. Jayshree lies to her saying she made so many dishes. She recalls the blunder. She couldn’t make the food properly and cries. Dadi Bua calls Jayshree. Jayshree asks Dadi Bua not to tell anything to anyone. Dadi Bua smiles. Suhasini teases her. Dadi Bua asks Chameli to take her to Dada ji’s room. She tells Radha not to use ground nut oil in Dada ji’s food. Radha says ok. Dadi Bua asks her to make food before 2:30 pm. She goes. Suhasini asks Jayshree, why did you make Radha write so many dishes. Jayshree says she did it for Radha’s betterment. Radha gets worried. Jhanvi messages LD about it. LD gets tensed thinking how will Radha make so many dishes in such a less time. He drinks 3 glasses water and goes to washroom.

Jayshree comes to the kitchen and thinks to do mischief. She changes the name strips from the food items boxes. She even swaps ground nut oil with other oil. Shyamali comes there. Jayshree shouts saying she saw the rat. She asks what you was thinking? Jayshree says she was eating something. She thinks now she will see Radha’s crying face because of her setting. She thinks even God can’t make you win in this test.

Radha comes to the kitchen. She tells Chameli that she will make vegetable dish first. She finds the rough knife without sharpness and finds it difficult to cut it. She lights the wood stove and gets teary eyed with its smoke. She starts coughing.

LD comes there and blows in her eyes. Mere Rang Me plays……………Radha looks on surprisingly. LD asks are you fine now? Radha says yes and thanks him. He helps her ti light the stove. Radha thanks him and says wow. LD says I am very useful person, be friends with me. Jayshree comes and asks LD what are you doing here. LD says he was going to washroom. Jayshree says she understands everything. Radha smiles. Jayshree holds his ears. LD asks her to understand. She says if anyone sees you helping Radha then will scold me. Dada ji comes and sees him. He tells LD that they will call him when the food is ready. LD says ok. He thinks how to help Radha now. Dada ji asks him to go.

Radha makes the food and tastes it. She thinks why it is tasting sugary and checks the box. She finds sugar in salt box and gets tensed. Jayshree smiles.

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