Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Govind scolding Sadhna as LD is not at home. She says she didn’t ask where he was going. LD and Radha come back home. LD says Radha brought gifts for everyone. She tells Sadhna that you supported me in every way and always forgave me for my mistakes. She gives her gift, thanking her. She gives gifts to Dadi Bua and all. She apologizes to Govind as she didn’t get any gift for me. Govind asks whether the money was over, and taunts her. Sudhakar comes and and asks what are you saying? Radha gets happy and hugs him. Govind says we should have think before giving permission to your daughter to stay in this house. Sudhakar gets angry and asks why you are insulting her. He says you called us and then insulting us. LD asks Papa called you. Have we done any mistake. Govind calls them liars and says he managed to get some proofs against them. Murli shows the proofs to Sudhakar. Govind asks him to see the signatures. Suhasini also checks. Govind tells that they have taken 25 lakhs rupees loan and gave Dada ji’s name as a guarantor. Everyone is shocked. Radha is shocked too.

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Sudhakar apologizes to Govind and requests him to let him explain. He says he has no idea who wrote Dada ji’s name as a guarantor. He tells that his brothers’ took his signatures on blank papers and he doesn’t know about their doings. Dadi bua says it means whole family is involved. Suhasini says my brother in law betrayed us. Radha asks why did you need 25 lakhs and for what? Sudhakar tells how his brother trapped him. She says you didn’t listen to me. They have cheated us. Dadi Bua says father-daughter are acting, blaming others. LD says Suhasini told me about Radha’s chacha. LD supports Radha and her family. He says they are not like that. Jayshree says they are Radha’s chacha only. Sadhna tells that we need to talk.

Govind says there is nothing to talk. He calls them shameless people to send their daughter to loot their house. Sudhakar asks him to stop it. He says your anger is justified, but you can’t blame anyone in anger. Suhasini asks him to calm down. He says we doesn’t know anything about it. Radha tells that your family is good and cares for each other. Please trust us, my papa can’t do this. LD asks supports them. Dada ji calls home. Jayshree thinks Radha will leave. Dadi Bua says Dada ji said to pay Radha’s family loan. She says Dada ji wants us to support Radha’s family. Radha says this is not possible. Dadi Bua says Dada ji said that he is sure that Radha’s family can’t betray them. She says I hope nobody have objection to this. Govind says he never went against Dada ji’s decision. He tells that his perception about them will not change.

LD tells Radha that Dada ji loves everyone. Radha says she wants to thank sir. She refuses to accept their help and says her papa lived life with self respect. He never bend his head infront of others. LD says it is not charity, you are family now. Dadi Bua says this decision is taken by Dada ji. She says their family’s name was about to ruin, and that he can’t afford. Sudhakar feels pain in her head and he falls down. Jayshree tells that he might have suffered a heart attack. Murli goes to call the doctor. Radha urges him to wake up. LD takes him to room. Sadhna prays for his well being. She asks LD to tell Chameli to bring hot milk. Radha checks Sudhakar’s sugar level and says it is low. Radha cries. LD holds her hand and says he is with her. Radha nods. She asks what to do now.

Govind asks him to give glucose biscuits. He says he don’t want anything to happen to him in his house. Doctor comes and checks Sudhakar. He says sugar level is low and asks them to give food to him on time. Suhasini gets tensed and cries. Radha tries to console her. Chameli asks her to eat something. Suhasini refuses. LD takes the food plate and asks if she is competing with Sudhakar. Suhasini says her husband is getting punished for his brother’s deeds. She says we are not greedy. LD says we all know that. Even Dada ji believes that. He says I am your son. Radha thanks him. Suhasini cries. Sadhna hugs Radha. LD tells Suhasini that you are my inspiration. Suhasini wipes her tears and smiles. She blesses him. He gives her pakodas. Radha looks at LD.

Govind tells Dadi Bua and LD that Radha’s family is eyeing his wealth. Radha tells that she wants to do job. Dadi Bua gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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