Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir asking LD, why did you lie with me? Radha says no. Kabir says it seems you knows LD family well. Radha says no and says they are good family. Kabir asks why they were formal with me and talked more with you. He laughs and says I was just kidding. He apologizes and says your behavior is good that everyone behave freely with you. He asks her to smile. LD tells Sadhna that Dada ji is fine as of now. He promises to take Dada ji to Delhi and make him fine. Sadhna thanks him for protecting Radha’s truth infront of Kabir. LD says he saved family’s respect. Sadhna asks don’t you care of her. LD looks on. Kabir drops Radha at the hotel. Radha thinks she have to meet Dada ji and thanks everyone for protecting her secret.

Radha gets Abhishek’s call. She asks is anything urgent. Abhishek tells her that Jhanvi is not picking his call and asks about her. Radha says she is fine. Abhi thanks her for saving Jhanvi. She asks how do you know Jhanvi. Abhishek says we met in college. I am two years senior. Radha says okay and disconnects the call.

Kabir is driving the car and recalls seeing earrings and lipstick in LD’s house. He thinks something is amiss. He thinks you are very important and I won’t let my heroine go from my hands. He calls Gupta and asks him to contact the lawyer who is handling Radha’s contract papers.

Abhishek gets flower from the florist for Jhanvi. Sadhna comes and asks for red roses. The florist says he didn’t have flower right now and will send it to Chaturvedi Nivas in the evening. Abhishek hears about Chaturvedi Nivas and gives the flowers to Sadhna. Sadhna thanks him.

Jayshree asks Chameli to keep Radha’s stuff outside. Radha comes and asks what are you doing? Jayshree says I am helping you pack the bags. Radha asks are you mad? Jayshree says I got to know that Kabir doesn’t know about you and LD. She says he will throw you out of the house. She asks her to pay the money and leave. Radha says she is ready. She says if Kabir gets to know about her, then he will not work, but I will get other work. She says if you opens your mouth, then I will kick you out of the house. She says lets call Kabir. Jayshree says I was giving audition and teasing you. Radha says you are clever and asks her to act smart. Jayshree gets angry.

Radha comes to Dada ji’s room and sees LD sitting at his bed side. She gets sad and thinks you are pain seeing the house break. She promises to make everything fine.

In the might Abhishek comes to meet Jhanvi. Radha tells Sadhna that Jhanvi likes some guy. She tells he is Abhishek.She says he isn’t bad. Sadhna asks where did you meet her? Radha tells that Jhanvi and Abhishek were in distributor party and tells everything. LD comes and says you are telling us now. Radha and Sadhna are shocked. Abhishek climbs on the ladder to reach upstairs. Jhanvi is hearing music and gets shocked seeing him. Abhishek smiles. Jhanvi asks her to go. Abhishek says he came to apologize to her. She asks why did you involve Radha? Abhi says he doesn’t have any other option. Jhanvi says she will call him later. Jayshree sees Abhishek and asks him to come down. Abhishek wears the monkey cap and runs away.

Jayshree climbs on the ladder and shouts for help. Banwari comes and helps her. Jayshree says she have to scold Jhanvi. LD asks Radha, why did you take Jhanvi to hotel? He says it was wrong. I am sure that she is having fun. Sadhna says she was telling me. Radha says we both care for Jhanvi. I feel that they love each other. LD tells Sadhna that Radha is a negative influence. Radha says may be they really love each other. LD asks what do you know about love and relation? He says someone comes in your life and then leave after making fun of yours. He asks Radha to stay away from Jhanvi and leaves.

Jayshree shouts Jhanvi. Banwari asks what happened? Jhanvi comes. Jayshree asks her to cook story and tell. Jhanvi tells there was no one there. That guy came to repair telephone line. Jayshree asks her not to lie else she will slap her. Banwari holds her hand. Everyone is shocked.

Jayshree asks Sadhna not to tell anything in Jhanvi’s matter. She says you are not her mother to feel pain.

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