Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha gets shocked hearing Dada ji got a heart attack. Kabir asks LD to go. He senses Radha’s tensed behavior and asks her. Radha says she got worried about LD’s Dada ji as she was close to her grand parents. Kabir asks her to take care and says I will leave now. Radha tells him bye. Doctor comes and checks Dada ji. Sadhna prays for his life. Jayshree prays for his death. She thinks she will get money from Radha and go to Dubai. Radha comes infront of LD’s car and prays for Dada ji. LD asks her to stop acting and says you are the reason for his stress. Doctor tells that he didn’t have heart attack. LD and Radha come home. Doctor asks them to keep him away from stress. Radha says she will take care of him. Jayshree thinks she is doing this for money. LD asks her to stay away from his family matters. Radha says we have to be each other’s support at this moment. Kabir comes and says absolutely. Radha is right like always. Everyone is shocked.

Kabir walks in and asks about Dada ji’s health. LD says he is better now. Kabir asks Radha, how come you are here? Radha says we should be with him at this moment. Kabir says you are always right. I came back from the half way. Radha says alright. She says Dada ji is fine now. Jayshree looks at Kabir and greets him. Kabir asks do you know Radha? Sadhna asks Jayshree to make them sit. Jayshree asks them to sit. Sadhna asks whether you wants to take anything. She introduces herself as LD’s mum. Govind goes to bring Dada ji’s medicine. Jayshree introduces her family. Kabir says you have a beautiful house. He says we need this kind of house for shooting. Jayshree says this house is of Radha. LD says she mean to say that you can shoot anytime. LD asks them to have tea or coffee. Jayshree insists. Kabir says we will drink and go. I have to click some pics too. Jhanvi asks him to come. Radha asks the way to washroom and takes Jayshree with her.

Jayshree asks whether you have any memory loss. Radha asks her not to try to become smart. She says Kabir didn’t know that you stays here. Radha says yes. She says if Kabir doubts me, then think that your money is gone. She says you have to stay in rented house and asks her to imagine. Jayshree says she won’t say anything. Jhanvi takes Kabir for house seeing. Kabir says I have seen you somewhere. Radha comes. Jhanvi says this is LD’s room. Kabir says he is curious to see his room. LD says tea is ready. Kabir asks about washroom. LD goes and clean the room, hides Radha’s clothes. Kabir goes to washroom and sees earrings. Sadhna asks what happened? Radha says if we are caught, then my career and my life……………..Sadhna says nothing will happen. Jayshree smiles and thinks to inform Kabir. Kabir sees lipstick in his room and wonders how the girls things are doing in LD’s room. LD comes and asks him to come. Radha says we shall shoot atleast 1 scene in Mathura.

Kabir says he is thinking to shoot his film. He asks about girly things in the rooms, as you said you are a bachelor. LD looks on with loss of words. He says no, it can’t be. He says that earrings resembles of that Radha. Sadhna says it is done by Jhanvi. She kept her things in LD’s room. Kabir advices Jhanvi not to hide things from her mummy. He says one should never break trust. He advices Jhanvi to let her do whatever she likes. He asks Jayshree to use make up. He asks Radha to call her family. Radha says my family is in Mumbai. Kabir says LD’s family is our now. He invites them for shoot. LD wishes him for safe journey. Kabir praises about his family hospitality. Radha and Kabir leave in the car. Radha thinks I hope Kabir sir doesn’t have any doubt. Kabir asks what you are thinking? If I have a doubt.

Abhishek comes to meet Jhanvi. Jayshree sees them and asks Jhanvi. She raises her hand on Jhanvi, but Banwari stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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