Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir ringing the door bell. Jhanvi opens the door, but Radha is seen opening the door. Kabir her good morning and presents her flowers. Radha says it was not needed. Jhanvi is seen hiding behind the door. Radha takes the flowers. He holds her hand and asks did you forgive me. Just then her phone rings. LD looks at Radha and Kabir holding hands. Radha thinks LD might be calling on Jhanvi’s phone. Kabir asks why you are looking tensed. LD says personal issue. Kabir asks what is the scene for today. Radha says she has to get ready. Kabir says ladies take so much time. He says he is in his room. He asks LD to bring gifts for Radha from his room. Radha closes the door and thinks what might be he thinking. Jhanvi picks LD’s call and makes excuses. Radha asks until when you will lie. She scolds her and talks about values. Jhanvi asks her to stop talking like Dada ji. She asks who are you to interfere in my life. Radha says I am the one who cared for you last night and brought you here. You knew well what would have happen if LD had seen you. Door bell rings.

Radha asks who is he? Jhanvi asks Radha not to tell LD about her. Radha opens the door. LD keeps the gifts and flower bouquets. A thorn pierced his finger and he gets finger injury. LD says can I use my washroom. Radha says no. She says she will wipe the blood with tissue. LD refuses. Radha talks rudely and thinks sorry Ld. Jhanvi thanks Radha and says sorry too. She wears her sandals to go. Radha asks about Abhishek. Jhanvi says he is her friend. She says she drank mistakenly and asks her not to tell LD about Abhi. She says she has to go home now. Radha looks on.

Sadhna looks for Jhanvi. Govind asks what is the matter. Sadhna says nothing. She thinks Jhanvi might have reached home by now. Shyamali asks Murli to have food. He goes. Sadhna and Govind look at his rude behavior. Govind consoles Shyamali and says everything will be alright soon. Jayshree comes home and says I came back as I was missing everyone. Her servant comes and introduces himself. Jayshree asks him to go. She asks her about Jhanvi. Sadhna says she went to her friend’s place to study as you gave her permission. Jayshree says she didn’t give her permission and says she is not mad. She calls Jhanvi. Jhanvi sees Jayshree calling and cancels the call. Jayshree gets shocked. Jhanvi sees LD there and gets tensed. Jayshree thinks Jhanvi is not picking her call intentionally. Sadhna says Jhanvi would come soon as LD talked to her. Jhanvi hides. Radha comes and sees LD angry. She thinks she can’t blame him. LD asks her to be sitted in the car.

Radha asks did I ask you anything. She says I hope you read my message. LD says it doesn’t matter to him. Radha says LD and is about to keep her hand on his shoulder. Just then Kabir comes and they leave. Jayshree asks Jhanvi, where did you go? Jhanvi says she went for group study. Jayshree asks why did you lie?Jhanvi says she already took her permission. Jayshree warns her not to step out of home after 7 pm. Sadhna calls everyone and asks Dada ji to open his eyes. She rubs his hands. Jayshree says he might got a heart attack. Sadhna says I called the doctor. Kabir and Radha pose for the fans. LD clicks their photo with fans. LD drinks hot tea. Radha asks you are doing to Mumbai. Kabir says until when he will do to and fro. He says she is not real Radha here. He invites him on the set and says she is energetic. LD says I will pay the bill. Kabir asks him to sit and asks Radha when she is coming back. LD gets Sadhna’s call. He says he is coming home. Radha asks what has happened to Dada ji and is shocked.

LD asks Radha not to interfere in his home affairs. Radha says we have to be each other’s support in this time. Kabir comes and says radha is right.

Update Credit to: Amena

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