Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhasini coming to her room and telling Radha that Dadi Bua gave her a lecture and asks her to have patience while talking to the neighbors. Radha asks her to calm down and sit with her. LD brings first aid box. Suhasini asks are you alright? LD says a man doesn’t get pain. Radha asks really? LD smiles. Suhasini asks him to apply the medicines and she goes to bring turmeric milk. LD sits to apply medicine. Govind tells Dada ji that he was surprised to see the bravery act of Radha. He says I accept that she should not have wore the pant under the saree. The people was bad mouthing about her, instead of praising her for her braveness. LD looks on surprised. LD thinks she is still shaken. He asks what are you thinking? Radha says nothing.

LD says I am seeing you sad since many days. He asks her to bring back old Radha. She says she is like this only, not that strong. She says it is very strange feeling. My family gets hurt because of me. I didn’t do anything intentionally. We are different and can’t be compatible. We are like a train tracks which can’t meet. LD says it is not like that, when tracks meet at one point when it changes. He tells that he will never let the train get down the tracks. Radha says you will be grinded in between. LD asks her not to think much. Radha says you can never be serious.

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Govind says we can’t make a firm decision about her. He says there is a confusion going on mind and heart. Dada ji says it is not about good and bad deeds. It is about situation. I accepts that she is good at heart and cares for others. He says but it is sure that she is not right for our home. It is sure that she is misfit for us and vice versa. Dada ji continues that LD is becoming Radha’s reflection. He says I saw LD getting drowned in Radha’s love. LD makes her sit and asks her to give lecture after tincture. Radha says no, I won’t apply it. LD says let me apply it. I won’t ask you anything in return. Radha takes it and says she will apply it herself.

LD takes back the ointment and insists to apply. She shouts and says it is paining. LD asks why did you jump to save the boy. Radha asks what do you think of yourself? Are you a spiderman. LD says he is smart and says I have a proof. He says I applied ointment on your injury and you didn’t realize it. Radha and LD laugh. Ishq Bulawa song plays while he cares for her injury. He says he will spray on her injury. She looks at him while she sprays on her hand. She then apply an ointment on his injury. LD gets mesmerized by her beauty.

Dadi Bua says we have to end this matter right here. Dada ji says Radha and LD have to suffer. Dada ji says the more they get closer, the more they will suffer. He says for their future, we have to separate them. I don’t don’t want to be hurt. So for their future and our house unity, we have to separate LD from Radha. LD is seen teaching how to wear saree. Radha smiles as he wears the saree. She signs that he is looking good. LD cheers her up. Shyamali, Suhasini and Jhanvi come there and see him wearing saree. They laugh. Shyamali brings lep/ointment for Radha and LD. He says you changed the party Bhabhi and asks Jhanvi to say on whose side she is. Jhanvi says she is in Radha’s party as he is also in the same party. LD gets shy.

LD wears the kurta and pyjama for the occasion of Makar Sankranti. He finds it difficult to bandage his hand. Govind comes and does the bandage. He asks about Sadhna. LD says she reached Agra. LD wishes him happy Sankranti and asks him to give money/nek. Govind wishes him too. Govind gives him 1001 Rs. LD takes the nek. Govind says he will change his bandage. LD looks at Sadhna’s pic and says your husband is taking care of me in your absence. LD comes to Radha and reminds her about Sankranti. Radha says I know. He says what did you wear? It looks ordinary with respect to occasion. Radha says it is okay. LD offers to take her for shopping. Radha asks him to mind her own business.

Radha searches for her earring and sees it in LD’s hand. She asks him to return. LD asks her to take it from him. Radha thinks you are in playful mood. She says hindi film dialogues. LD also says jo darr gaya wo marr gaya…..Radha says jin ke ghar sheeshee ke hote hain……..LD says hum bhi wo bala hai jo sheeshe se pathar phodte hai…..Radha asks him to return her earring. LD tells the dialogue. Radha says patient is critical and needs prayers. Radha asks him to return. LD says no thanks, no sorry. Radha says I can slap you. LD says I am scared of love. Radha asks hum aapke hai kaun??LD looks at her with surprise.

Suhasini tells about the groups, girls v/s boys. LD and Radha fly their respective kites.

Update Credit to: Amena

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