Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 25th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 25th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kabir blindfolding Radha with the mask and says perfect. LD looks on. He stops a guy from smoking. Jhanvi looks for her boyfriend Abhishek and is about to see LD. Just then Abhishek comes and takes her. Jhanvi slips and sees LD there. LD asks the guy to enjoy without a cigarette. Jhanvi hides as LD goes from there. She says we shall leave from here. The guy says nothing will happen. Jhanvi says Radha is also here. She spotted me last time, and I don’t want to be in trouble. Abhishek says lets enjoy for sometime. Malhotra comes to Radha and asks her to dance with her. She refuses saying not now. Kabir says why not. Kabir asks Radha to be careful with Malhotra. Kabir asks Radha, are you looking for your boyfriend. Radha says she doesn’t have any boyfriend. Jhanvi and Abhishek are sitting wearing mask. Radha spots her and is shocked. She sees Jhanvi going to the washroom and follows her. Radha thinks LD will get angry if he sees her. She thinks to warn Jhanvi that LD is here. She calls Jhanvi, but she doesn’t pick her call. Radha messages her to call back.

Jhanvi asks Abhi to get her a cool drink. She says her family behaves as if she is a prisoner. Abhishek says you are a princess and I am your bodyguard. Abhishek goes to bring it. Malhotra asks Radha to dance. Kabir asks her to dance. Radha says I am not in that frame of mind. Kabir asks her to perform and says I don’t let Malhotra come near you. Radha says okay. She performs on the song Mohabbat Buri Bimaari………..Jhanvi tells Abhishek that she had a drink thinking it as cool drink. She asks Abhi to dance with her. Abhi asks are you alright. She says yes. Abhishek gets tensed. Radha and Kabir dance on the same song……LD gets jealous. Malhotra tries to dance with Radha forcibly. LD throws drink on his suit and takes Radha from there. Radha comes back to party. Kabir holds her hand and starts dancing again.

Murli asks Shyamali, when you will stop your drama. He asks her to stay away from his things and asks her to go back to her maternal’s home. He blames her saying Neha went far from him. Shyamali asks are you done? Murli leaves frustated. Shyamali thanks Radha for giving her strength. Radha calls Jhanvi and Abhi picks the call. He tells her about Jhanvi’s condition. Radha is shocked and thinks what to do. She comes out on the pretext of talking to her mum. Kabir follows her. Abhishek brings Jhanvi to Radha. Radha asks him to take her from there. Jhanvi asks why you are giving me lecture bhabhi. Kabir asks why she is calling you bhabhi. Radha says she is drunk and blabbering. Jhanvi says she wants to go to washroom. Radha tells Kabir that she will take her. Kabir asks why you wants to get involved in someone’s matter. Radha says poor girl is drunk, she needs my help. She asks Abhishek to make sure that LD doesn’t see her. Radha is taking Jhanvi to the washroom.

LD stops her and asks about the girl. Radha lies and takes her to car. She tells Abhishek that we have to take her to my hotel. Abhishek says okay. Radha thinks she has to drop Jhanvi and come home within 10 mins. Kabir asks LD about Radha. LD says he said she needs some fresh air and is with her friend. Kabir asks LD to find her. Abhishek sees his watch and asks shall I go bhabhi. Radha looks on. Abhishek says sorry and says Maa’m. She scolds him for bringing Jhanvi to the party. She says Jhanvi lied at home to come to the party. Radha asks how did she get drunk? Abhishek says I didn’t do anything. He says he is from a good family and has done engineering. Radha says she will talk to him tomorrow. Abhishek leaves. Kabir thinks Radha can’t go leaving the party. He calls on her mobile.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Why is there no precap?
    Nice epi doe…….

    1. There was precap on the tv

  2. Nice episode

  3. The precap was that Radha and kabir were standing together and Ld was watching them .

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