Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dada ji getting shocked witnessing Radha and LD taking the rounds around the candle and taking the vows. He goes inside. Radha thanks LD for loving her so much. LD thanks her for accepting him and says I love you Radha. They hug each other. Radha gets emotional and gets teary eyed. She kisses him on his cheek and says I love you LD. LD gets happy and smiles. She says it is enough for today. LD smiles. Dada ji says I am creating misunderstanding between LD and Radha for LD’s happiness. I know she is not wrong, but not right for LD. He apologizes to God. Maasi ji asks Jayshree to make lep/facepack for Radha. Jayshree thinks Dada ji gave precious the necklace to Radha. Maasi ji asks are you sleeping and asks her to make the facepack. Jayshree goes. Radha gets angry as Suhasini went without informing her. Sudhakar tells that Suhasini’s mum is not well. He sent her to meet her mum. Radha says she should have spoken to me. Sadhna says she didn’t want to make you sad. She is a daughter and mother too. Radha hugs her. Sadhna says I am with you naa.

Jayshree sits down to make the facepack and says she will make so that Radha remembers all her life. She takes chilli powder to add in facepack. Just then Sadhna comes and asks what are you doing? Jayshree leaves the chilli powder. Once Sadhna goes, she again gets back to make the face pack. Sadhna comes again and says she will make. Jayshree says she is making. Sadhna thanks her and asks her to take it to Radha’s room. Jayshree adds chilli powder and smiles. Sudhakar and Sadhna cheer up Radha. Jayshree comes and apply it on Radha’s face. Radha feels irritation and burning and complains to Sadhna. She asks her to do something. Sadhna wipes her face. Radha is shocked to see her face with red marks. It was just Jayshree’s imagination. Jhanvi calls her and says she will apply haldi on Radha’s face. Jayshree takes the bowl from her hands. She falls down and shouts. Everyone come and asks how did you fall down? Maasi ji says something is wrong. Radha says I will apply the haldi lep, so that you will feel relieved. She applies on her leg. Jayshree feels itching and is shocked. Maasi ji says what will happen now?

Dada ji talks to Panditji. He asks him to get the grah shanti havan. Dadi Bua asks Sadhna to take the details from pandit ji. Jayshree thinks where is old man going and thinks to stop him. She goes to kitchen and adds some pills in Dada ji’s tea. Dada ji tells Panditji that he is going somewhere. Jayshree comes and gives him tea. He tells that he needs to do the work and leaves after drinking tea. Suddenly he feels dizzy. Govind holds him and makes him sit. Doctor checks Dada ji. Jayshree thinks now Radha and LD’s marriage will be solemnised. Doctor asks how did you get unconscious? Dada ji says my head is heavy. He sits down and says may be I got tired. He says he have to do some work. LD asks him not to go out and gives his promise. Radha says we will handle everything. Dada ji says I will go and do the work. Jayshree stops him. Dada ji signs Dadi Bua. Jayshree thinks old man have to work out in the house.

Sudhakar thinks he is grateful to Dada ji and thinks he shall return the money. He opens the briefcase and checks the notes. LD sees him with money and wonders what he is doing this with money. Radha’s chacha discuss that Dada ji is a mad man. Why he is wasting money when the marriage is not going to happen. LD is about to go inside, when hears Radha coming with ladies. He looks at Radha and smiles. Radha smiles too asking the ladies that she will be back in 2 mins. LD signs her something.

LD sings the song Tenu Leke Main Jawanga…………, and dances with Radha and family. Even Dada ji participates in dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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