Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha hitting LD with a stick and leaves the room. She smiles. Jayshree wonders how Radha escaped from the room. Radha laughs and talks to Suhasini. Jayshree thinks she will make fun of Radha infront of people. She calls someone. Radha tells Suhasini that her kurti is torn. Suhasini says she will stitch her kurti and asks her to wear something else till then. She thinks to wear some other clothes. Jayshree thinks now Radha’s story will end. The neighbor Kanchan come and says she gathered all the neighbors as she is in trouble. Dada ji asks Kanchan, how are you? She says fine. Sadhna thinks why did they come? The neighbor says we came to bless the newly weds without your invitation. LD gets tensed and thinks something is fishy. Dadi Bua asks them how did they know about LD’s marriage. They say everyone know about his marriage as they saw the video. Dada ji tries to explain. They insist to see LD’s wife.

Suhasini comes out and sees the ladies. Radha comes out of her room and sees the ladies. Sadhna and LD see her and get shocked. He immediately signals her to go, but Radha walks towards them. LD gets shocked and runs to collide with Chameli. Everyone turn to look at what has happened. LD covers Radha with a white cloth and says the cloth got wet because of Chameli. He asks Radha to come inside. Radha asks why? LD tells her that it is about his Dada ji’s request as the ladies came to see her for Muh Dikhayi. He requests her to wear saree. He says if they see you in jeans then it will be problematic. Radha refuses to wear saree.

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The neighbors wait eagerly for Radha. Radha says she doesn’t accept this marriage and even Dada ji didn’t accept her. Radha says it is unlogical. LD requests her to wear saree and folds his hand. Radha says sorry. She says she can’t complicate everything. She says she does things unknowingly and says she is fine sitting in the room. LD gets angry and calls her selfish who values only her ego. He says you are only practical. He thanks her and tells that dada ji will be insulted if she don’t come outside. He comes outside and wonders what to say. The neighbors ask LD about Radha. He says Radha is unwell. The neighbors start gossiping. Radha comes wearing saree and ghunghat. Jayshree coughs. Everyone get surprised to see her. Even Dada ji is surprised. Jhanvi says you entered like a heroine. May be couldn’t ignore Bhaiyya. Radha says yes.

LD and Dadi Bua get happy. Jayshree is still in shock. LD looks at the jeans under her saree and worries. She recalls wearing the saree on the jeans, then she does her make up. She sees her maang and applies sindoor on it. Mere rang me plays. She sits for Muh Dikhayi and thinks they have come to meet me. She thinks she is getting bride feeling. Jhanvi asks her to get ready. The ladies see her face and praises her. Jayshree says she is one amongst lakhs and that’s why wants to become an actress. Suhasini says she wants to ignite the fire. LD says every girl wants to become an actress.

All the ladoes see her face and praise her. One of the neighbor asks Jayshree to feed the bahu. LD looks at Radha’s foot as the jeans is seen. They ask her to enact someone. Radha says she don’t copy anyone, but can do mimicry of her favorite star. She does Amitabh’s mimicry. Everyone is surprised to see her acting and applaud for her. Jayshree gets irked. Radha tells Amitabh’s dialogues. Suhasini asks her to stop. LD looks at Radha’s jeans and thinks to cover her under the saree. He signs Suhasini about the jeans. Jayshree sees them and thinks to do mischief.

Radha calls to save the kids. She falls down on the road. The cow is seen attacking the kids. Radha takes out her saree. Everyone look surprised.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I love LD. He is so caring and his angry young man look is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweeet

    haay! main mar jawa………..
    love you LD

  2. Good today’s episode

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