Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with LD driving car and thinks Radha enjoyed dancing with Kabir. She doesn’t need security now. He recalls Radha insulting him and gets teary eyed. He thinks how can Sadhna trusts her again. She changes colors again and again. He stops his car on the way and recalls Radha with Kabir. He shouts. Radha feels to hear his voice. Kabir does the poetry and says I will stay with you tonight. He says I mean in your hotel. Radha is tensed. Kabir asks what happened. Radha reminds him to go to Mumbai as he has work. Kabir agrees. Radha worries about Shyamali and Jhanvi.

LD comes home and asks Sadhna about Jhanvi. Sadhna says she is in her room. Sadhna says I made her understand. She asks about Radha. LD says he doesn’t know. Radha comes home. LD asks Sadhna to ask Radha. Radha apologizes for coming late. She comes to her room and sees LD taking out his clothes from cupboard. Radha says she can give explanation about whatever happened during photo shoot. LD says no need. She says now you can dance freely with Kabir. Radha says she was dancing to keep an eye on Jhanvi. LD says we are strangers and you don’t need to clarify me. Radha asks why he is showing attitude. LD asks her to let him sleep. Radha takes her clothes and looks at Ld.

Next morning, LD wakes up hearing the phone ring. He calls Radha. Radha comes towelling her hairs after bath. She sees Kabir’s call and walks looking at her phone. She collides with LD and the phone falls from her hands. LD gives her phone back. Radha thanks him. Her bathdress lace gets stuck in LD’s watch. She gets shy and says she will do it. She takes it off and ties it around her waist. LD asks her to pick the call.

Murli waits outside Neha’s house and messages her that he is missing her and starts his divorce proceedings, asking her to return back for him.

Radha comes to Jhanvi’s room and sees her using phone. She says I wants to talk to you. Jhanvi says what? Radha asks you was with whom in that garden. Jhanvi asks don’t you have work? You don’t have anything to do with me. LD hears her and asks why did you go there. Jhanvi says she went there for her friend’s birthday party. LD says everyone got worried. Jhanvi apologizes. LD goes. Jhanvi blames Radha for provoking LD to scold her. Radha says LD cares for her. Jhanvi asks her not to interfere. Radha thinks something have surely happened.

Sadhna and LD make each other eat food. LD asks are you happy? Sadhna asks him to take Radha’s contract back. LD says he can’t. Sadhna asks him to say what has happened? LD asks her not to take stress. She says I have full faith on you. Radha brings food for Shyamali. Shyamali says she can’t eat. She says Murli asked divorce from her. Radha says I know. She says we, girls are commitment and possessive about love, but when it is snatched from us, we break. It is not a solution. She says Murli is attracted to Neha. She asks her to be strong and fight for her love. Shyamali says Murli is blinded in Neha’s love. Radha gets Shivani’s message that she is leaving for hongkong urgently for Kabir’s work. She asks her to enjoy dinner with Mr. Malhotra in the evening.

LD stops his car on the way. He comes to Kabir’s office and sees some goons waiting outside. Kabir comes talking to his manager and sees LD. LD says I need to talk to you. Kabir says not interested. I gave your work to other security agency. LD asks him to listen. Kabir says he don’t have time and sits in his car. Kabir’s manager signs the goons and leaves in the car. LD sees it and gets suspicious. Kabir is in his car and thinks LD was behaving like a hero yesterday. The manager asks the driver to take a different turn. The driver stops the car midway. The manager and the driver get down. Kabir wonders what is happening. Why they are taking so much time. He gets down and sees them missing. He calls for Shyamlal. The goons points pistol on him.

The goons shoots at Kabir, but LD saves him and gets shot instead.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now, it looks like serial is dragging, some events and episodes are boring and far from a sweet love store concept that it strated with.

  2. I m agree with Chakli s comments. dis story is really far from its starting

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