Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 21st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 21st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji seeing LD and Radha taking aarti. Shyamali asks them to take aarti one by one. LD thinks she should have say sorry. Radha thinks she will make him say sorry. He recalls his dream and gets tensed. He thinks this is a start of end. LD do the push ups and thinks he won’t look at her until she says sorry. He says she is showing attitude towards me. Radha thinks how dare he shout at me. He didn’t give me a chance to speak. He hurt me and held my hand angrily. She says she won’t go and give clarification. She then says she will confront him. She comes to him and says she wants to talk to him, but LD pretends not to listen to her. She makes him fall. She says you didn’t give me a chance to speak and scolded me. Don’t I have the right to speak, because I am a girl. LD gets up and looks at her. She asks him not to give her angry young man look. She says she didn’t have any intention to hurt Dada ji and just gave her opinion. She says Mathura is better than Mumbai. She goes closer to him and asks him to reply. LD gives angry look. Radha says if you don’t want to speak then I will never speak to you. She turns and falls down. LD helps her to get up and asks her to look down sometimes. She leaves angrily.

Radha brings tea for Dada ji and Dadi Bua. Dadi Bua asks why are you making this tulsi mala. Dada ji says he is making it for Bhole Nath’s peace of mind. Sadhna says I know that you all are upset with Radha and requests them to forgive her. She says may be she didn’t get the opportunity to live in a joint family and that’s why her thinking is like that. Dada ji says it takes time to make this mala, but it gets broken if expose to fire. He gives the example of joint family. Dadi Bua asks Sadhna to go. Radha brings tea for LD. He pretends to read the newspaper and ignores her. Suhasini looks on tensed.

Dada ji says just look at every home, everywhere. All the relations are breaking. He fears that his family would break. Dadi Bua assures him that such things won’t happen within their family. Dada ji says he don’t have the strength to see all that. He says he is tired now. He says this girl is influencing everyone, making my existence lost. A wind blows and the tulsi pearl falls. Dada ji says he can sense it.

Suhasini comes to LD and takes it cigarette. She insists to smoke. LD gets surprised. Suhasini says it is not good for her health. LD apologizes and says Radha scolded him like her. Suhasini explains to him that we fight with the ones whom we loves much. She says I know is a misfit here. When I see you and Sadhna ji then thinks she is safe here. She is independent. We didn’t stop her anytime. She is temperamental. LD says she is stubborn and gets angry much. Suhasini says we all have faults and have to accept each other. LD says he is understanding. Suhasini asks him to promise not to let his ego come in between them. He promises.

Shyamali praises Radha giving right tea to everyone. She applaud herself and says she record everyone’s preferences in her mobile. Shyamali says here we can’t use mobile. Shyamali goes to the kitchen. Radha goes to take bath. LD comes to her room and thinks she is taking bath. He writes I am sorry on the mirror. Radha’s phone falls down. LD gets under her bed, looking for it. Radha comes and sees her phone broken. LD tries to leave. Radha looks at him. LD shows her the message written on the mirror.

Dada ji tells Dadi Bua that this girl came as a guest and will leave as a guest only. She shall not win in this test. I don’t have any objection with this girl, may be she is right, but her perspective is different. He says I feel that she can shake my home’s roots. She has to lose. Dadi Bua says she won’t let her win. Dada ji says we have to do it fast else LD will fall in love with her. Dadi Bua promises that she won’t let LD fall in Radha’s love nest.

Radha and LD fall on the bad and it breaks. Jayshree peeps in the room and calls Sadhna and Dadi Bua. She asks them to come and see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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