Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD explaining to Bhole Nath’s family about his point of view on big city and small city life. He says one can reach their goal here, which is difficult to get in city life. Dada ji says small city life is better than big city life. I am proud of my kids. Bhole Nath son says I can understand Dada ji’s thinking and says he is surprised about LD’s thinking. Radha comes and serves badam milk to them. Jitesh asks Radha about her opinion about big city life and small city life. Radha says it depends on everyone’s preference. Everyone have different mindset and depends on their choice. LD thinks Radha told briefly, thank god. Jayshree gets sad. Jitesh asks Radha, is Mumbai better than Mathura? Radha says obviously as she is brought up in Mumbai. She says it is big as the dreams, opportunities, employment etc is big, so overall standard of living is better. Dada ji thinks she is saying opposite of him. Radha says I think you have to decide where do you want to live. Jitesh thanks her and tells Dada ji that Bhole Nath ji will be convinced to stay with them now. Bhole Nath hugs him and leaves with his family. Dada ji gets sad. Radha asks did I say anything wrong? I told according to my mindset. Dada ji stops her and goes to his room. Radha turns to LD, but he goes angrily to his room.

Dadi Bua asks Dada ji not to care about Radha’s words. She says she is small house girl and is a home breaker type. Her thinking is narrow. Dada ji says no. He tells some doha and tells its meaning. He says Radha is like rain drop. She is not at fault, her upbringing is different from us. I am worried thinking that her thinking is not good for us family. Radha brings water for them and apologizes. She says it was just a misunderstanding. I didn’t know what you all were taking about. I didn’t mean to hurt you. She apologizes and leaves.

LD is sitting sadly. Dadi Bua calls him and tells that Dada ji is deeply hurt. LD is tensed. Dadi Bua says you didn’t stop Radha even once. She asks him to go and see Dada ji’s condition. She reminds him that Dada ji used to protect him during his child hood and believes you as his support. Dada ji imagines to come to inhouse temple at 4:30 and shouts seeing the lamp not lighting. He imagines Radha and LD leaving the house. Radha telling him that she is leaving the house. LD says he loves him and Radha equally and have to go to Radha as he can’t leave her. Dada ji asks what are you saying? LD touches his feet and holds Radha’s hand. He says he can’t live without Radha and is going with her to Mumbai. Dada ji shouts, I will let you go. Sadhna asks LD to go with Radha for a better living. Dada ji shouts no LD. LD and Radha leaves. Dada ji wakes up and thinks it was a bad dream. He thinks it is a night. I won’t let this happen. I won’t let Radha’s bad thinking affect my home. I have to make this Radha eclipse go from my home.

LD comes to Radha and holds her hand angrily. Radha says what is this? You are hurting me. LD says you want to end our marriage. Why did you insult my Dada ji, so that he rejects you. You can’t hurt my family for your advantage. Radha asks him to leave her hand and says you are thinking wrong. I can explain to you logically. She asks him to calm down. He takes her outside the room and says he didn’t say anything as he respects her. He says you don’t respects me nor my family. Radha asks him to listen to her. She says I didn’t do anything wrong. LD asks her to mind her tongue. He holds her against the wall. She gets hurt. LD says you will get divorce, but don’t use these tricks.

LD says he didn’t see any insensitive person before her. Radha says you can’t say like this. LD says he is a fool to think that she accepts their relation. Radha asks him to go as he cares only for his opinion. She says they asked me. LD says you did right. I got attached to you. Radha says you would have listen to me once. She cries.

Dada ji tells Dadi Bua that this girl will leave like a guest from here, and says don’t let her win in this test. Dadi Bua looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I dnt lik LD’s behaviour

  2. I dnt lik LD’s is behaviour

  3. I dnt lik LD is behaviour

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