Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha in disguise of a Sardar gives 20 crores offer to Jayshree for buying the house. Radha starts sneezing. Jayshree asks if your health is unwell. Shivani peeps in the room. Radha says she is busy and asks her to strike the deal if she is ready. Radha’s assistant asks if the name is on your name. Jayshree says it is on her sasur’s name and he can die at anytime. Radha says nothing will happen to him. She says elders should be fine. She asks her assistant to organize her meeting with the owner. Her assistant says they will see some other property. Jayshree says she is Jayshee and asks them to get the money ready as she will bring the papers. She turns and sees Neha standing. Neha asks Radha, why you are interested in Chaturvedi’s house? She says there is some other house near Chaturvedi house. Radha says they saw, but it has some vastu problem. She gives them 5 mins and asks to decide. Neha asks why you are giving 20 crores, when its market price is low.

Jayshree asks her to keep quiet and asks lawyer to get the papers ready. Radha’s lawyer/assistant says now deal can’t happen. Jayshree says she is ready. Shivani looks happily. Radha comes to Shivani and says Jayshree is thinking that she will get 20 crores, but she will not get anything. Shivani is silent. Radha asks is everything alright? Shivani asks why you are doing this and for whom. Everyone here is greedy and separated from each other. She says your motive is good and right, but why you are doing and with which relation. You are staking your career for whom? LD hates you very much. Radha says I know that LD hates me, and there is no logic/reason in love. She says heart never shakes when she does something good for her family. She says LD made her understand relationship and made her learn love. LD thinks Radha played with me. Shivani asks do you love him even now. How you will bear to see him with someone else. She says I will think I have won if brought old LD back. She asks Shivani to enquire about LD’s girlfriend. Shivani says okay. Radha says you are my big support now.

Shyamali comes to her room and sees Murli packing her bags. She asks him not to go anywhere as she is going from the room. Murli says okay. Everyone have to go separate ways. Sadhna comes and asks whether the relations break if they sell the house. Sadhna asks him to reply? Murli looks on. Sadhna tells him about the importance of relations. She says Shyamali’s love is eternal, she can’t see you going from here. If you wants to go, then you can go, but my bahu won’t go anywhere. She asks him to calculate for Shyamali’s pain, tears, wait etc. She asks him to return it to Shyamali. Neha thinks she has to do something and thinks Jayshree is a fool.

Jayshree asks Banwari to sign on the papers. Banwari says you made me drink wine since morning. Jayshree says she has read already and asks him to just sign. Banwari says he will fill wine in the water tank. Jayshree says she will fill the wine in the swimming pool. She takes his signs and says she won’t be at peace until she sells the house.

Neha thinks something is fishy and reaches Radha’s fake office in the night. She searches for Chaturvedi Nivas papers. Jayshree talks to Govind and says she came to get his signatures on the papers. Govind asks who is the buyer? Jayshree says buyer is a client. Govind says he will sign after reading the papers. Jayshree says she read it. Govind asks when we will get the money, how much time it will take to complete the selling and buying process, and what he will do with the house? Jayshree says she will ask him and takes his sign. She thinks now it is Murli’s turn. Neha gets some papers and smirks. Jayshree takes Murli’s sign. She says she needs to take LD and Dada ji’s signatures. Murli says when will they know to shift from this house. Jayshree says okay. Murli says we will take some flat or house on rent. Jayshree thinks Murli said right and Govind also asked some questions. She thinks to call Sardar and calls him. Radha’s phone start ringing. Jayshree turns around. Radha is shocked.

Radha and Shivani are seen in the car and keeping a watch on LD. Neha comes to meet LD. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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