Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 1st January 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 1st January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha introducing herself as Radha Pathak and forwards her hand. Suhasini signs her to say Namaste. Radha says Namaste. Shyamali introduces herself. LD introduces her to Murli Dhar. He calls Suhasini as him mum in law. Radha gets angry. Shyamali, LD and Murli Dhar get tensed seeing Radha’s dress. Murli Dhar says Dada ji will fume. Suhasini asks Radha to behave accordingly to the environment. Radha tells her that she has not activated roaming till now and will handle everything. LD prays to God to give him mind blowing idea and closes his eyes. She says lets go. LD holds her luggage and says shall I say something. Radha says yes. LD smiles and says nothing.

Jayshree tells Dadi bua that Sadhna is busy welcoming her new bahu. Dada ji tells her that they have to welcome the guest. Sadhna comes. Dada ji asks Dadi bua, Jayshree and Sadhna to select bangles for them. He takes one bangle and keeps it on the fame. It gets black in color. Dada ji tells them that things do brighten if it is really original. It looks beautiful, but it might be opposite. I want to see if that girl impresses you. Dadi bua says it is right. Dada ji tells Sadhna that Radha have to give the test according to the values. Dadi Bua says how will Dadaji take her test. LD keeps the luggage in the ambassador. Suhasini says we will go in the jeeb and tells about her college days. Radha thinks what happened to mom. She is behaving as if she came to Nani’s house on summer occasion.

LD says I didn’t know that you are so cool. Suhasini says ofcourse I am. LD asks Radha to learn from her. Radha misses her father. Suhasini says Radha will come in the jeep too. She asks Radha to cheer up. Radha says it is so hot here. Suhasini says it is good. Radha applies sunscreen lotion. LD asks her to give some lotion to him. Suhasini tells Murli Dhar that they will take sweets while going home. He says ok. Radha tells LD that she can do her own work and tries to hold her bag, but it falls down. LD asks her to continue and says I am liking it. Radha tries again with much difficulty. He takes her luggage and keeps it in the jeep. Radha takes it out of jeep and keeps it back in it.

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Dadi Bua tells Sadhna and Jayshree that they will give her some responsibility to test her. Sadhna thinks Radha is not aware of it. Dadi Bua asks them to decide what to give her work. Jayshree says we shall give her kitchen responsibility. Dadi Bua says your idea is good. She agrees. Jayshree gets happy as it was her turn to cook for a week. Sadhna says it is a big responsibility and I didn’t know whether she knows cooking or not. Dadi Bua says I feel she needs to learn and asks Sadhna to be with her. She says then she has to calculate the expenses given to the servants.

Radha talks to Isha on phone. Shyamali thinks she has to talk to Radha about changing her outfit. She talks to Radha and asks about Mumbai. Radha says everything is same. Radha tells that they can wear jeans and tshit there. Shyamali is about to say, just then LD comes and asks her to go. He gives coffee to Radha.

Dadi Bua tells Dada ji that they have decided to make Radha cook food. Dada ji says it means you will send her to Mumbai in the first test itself. Dadi Bua says I am sure that LD’s choice is not wrong. Dada ji says his meeting with Radha was not good. Dadi Bua tells about the inauspicious moment when he met Radha. Dadi Bua says there might be something good in her. Dada ji says lets see.

LD looks at Radha. Suhasini asks Radha to sit in the front seat. Radha understands her point and thinks she is very clever. LD asks Suhasini to sit on the front seat. I love you music plays…………….LD thinks one day you will fall in love with me.

Shyamali and Murli Dhar are travelling back home in the car. Shyamali tells him that LD seems to be happy. She tells that Dada ji will not like seeing Radha in jeans. Driver puts the sudden break. Shyamali is about to fall from the seat, but Murli holds her and asks the driver to drive carefully. She says we shall eat one cup of tea. Murli says we will be late then. Driver says I also want to drink tea. Murli says ok. Driver stops the car. Shyamali thinks one day he will melt and I will wait for that day.

LD is driving the jeep and sings Yeh Mausam Ka Jadu Ka Mitwa…………..He looks at Radha and imagines promising Dada ji to make Radha wear saree and getting a slap from him. He gets shocked. He thinks he shall make Radha and her mum understand about the consequences and have to change her dress.

LD throws the drink on Radha. Radha says your trick have failed, I won’t change my jeans. LD says Dada ji will not approve you. Radha says we are two different worlds.

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