Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pandit ji saying the wedding is completed and they are husband and wife. Everyone is shocked. Radha’s mum asks what is he saying. She shouts on him. He says she is girl’s mum, and says congrats. Radha says shooting is over, stop acting now. The pandit says this is not shooting, uts real marriage with all rituals. LD signs his friends. They ask pandit to take money and leave. The pandit says he will take money from their parents. Radha’s mum asks is he mad, what is he saying. He says the marriage is done by all rituals. Radha asks him to stop this drama, and asks director can she go if the shooting is over. She looks at LD. The pandit says the marriage is really done.

LD asks his friend where did he get such actor. The pandit says he is not an actor, its real marriage, give me my Dakshina and I will leave. LD laughs and says this all is fake, even the shooting is fake, then how did the marriage get real. Radha is shocked and asks what do you mean. LD says it’s a setup, it’s a prank to teach her a lesson, he made this plan to insult her, to take revenge from her for the insult she did. The pandit says Hari Om and leaves. Radha’s mum is shocked. Radha looks at them angrily. The director says don’t look at me, I m just an actor. He says I was told to do director’s role and Radha’s insult. Radha cries.

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Radha turns to LD and stops him holding his hand. She says you think it’s a joke. She shouts on him and asks did he hear what pandit ji said. Radha’s mum Suhasini says she won’t leave anyone and will send them to jail. She asks does anyone do this, such a bogus joke. She gets a call from her husband, who says his brother has come. Suhasini says we are coming. She asks Radha not to cry, as she does not believe in this marriage. She takes Radha and she stops by the ghatbandhan. Radha opens it, and can’t. LD opens the knot. Dada ji gives food to the poor beggar and asks them to pray for LD’s marriage. He says he should get a good bahu for LD. He says she should respect our family and LD.

Radha slaps LD and scolds him. LD’s friends get angry and LD stops them. Radha says I will not break by this cheap prank. Suhasini also scolds him and says what will they clarify now, are they not ashamed to do this prank. Dada ji says my bahu should respect our values and she should become an example for everyone. Radha breaks the garlands. Dada ji says she should be such that honors her mangalsutra. Radha removes the mangalsutra and gives it to LD. Some mantras play ……. Radha says he is wrong to think this is the end, this is the worst new beginning of his life.

Dada ji says he will do LD’s marriage in grand way, and Mathura will not see such marriage before. He laughs. Radha leaves with her mum. Her mum cries saying why did she jump for money for any stupid ad.. Radha says it was a joke, what if pandit says this, I will not be quiet, I will teach him a lesson that he will remember all his life. Her mum sees his sindoor in her hairline and asks her to come with her. Radha is shocked seeing it in mirror. Her mum says we have to clean this, if groom’s family sees this, it will be a problem. LD sees the sindoor in his hand. Radha’s dad takes care of the guests and praises Mumbai city.

His brother taunts him on his status. Radha’s sindoor does not go easily and her mum wipes it. LD is in shock while the setup is moved. Radha’s mum thinks what is she doing, she is wiping the sindoor from her daughter’s maang. LD’s friend think how to solve this problem. They speak against Radha and they should teach her a lesson as she has slapped LD. LD says we won’t do anything, we have done a big mistake, no one will take her name now. LD asks Mukul to go to Radha and see whether they reached home, as they were disturbed. He says I just want to make sure they are fine. LD takes his phone and mangalsutra comes along. It falls. Suhasini says we are coming home, and thinks once Radha likes this guy, everything will be fine. Khel khel me jogan bangai……………plays…………. Radha thinks of her marriage with LD.

Suhasini asks Rakesh about the pandit and they will match the kundlis. The same pandit comes who did LD and Radha’s marriage.

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  2. It’s a great show I like it!!!!


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